Blake Stadnik’s Song At The End Of ‘This Is Us’ Is A Breakout Top 20 Hit On iTunes Charts

The This Is Us soundtrack has a breakout hit from an unexpected character. While the musically gifted Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) have long dreamed of becoming professional singers, it’s another Pearson relative who eventually hits it big as a performer.

Warning: Spoilers from the This Is Us Season 4 premiere episode “Strangers” are included in this article.

On the season premiere of This Is Us, viewers got a major flash forward to an all-grown-up baby Jack (Blake Stadnik), the son of Kate and Tony (Chris Sullivan). While fans were saddened to find out that the long-awaited Pearson grandchild is permanently visually impaired due to his premature birth, the episode ended with the character performing for a crowd at a packed concert venue. The song was called “Memorized,” and fans of the NBC drama can’t get it out of their heads.

According to The Wrap, Stadnik’s song — which was co-written by This Is Us composer Siddhartha Khosla and Taylor Goldsmith, the lead singer and guitarist from the band Dawes (he’s also Mandy Moore’s husband) — has entered the Top 20 in the U.S. iTunes sales store and is currently No. 14 on the all-genre song sales chart. It’s a stunning achievement for a TV show soundtrack song from an episode that has only aired once.

This Is Us fans raved about the song on Instagram after Stadnik posted photos from the recording studio.

“Love this song can listen to it on repeat for hours,” wrote one fan.

“I have been listening to it nonstop all day. Absolutely beautiful!” added another.

“I was blown away by your singing on This is Us. Can’t wait to hear more,” a third fan wrote.

Stadnik, a musical theater actor who had never acted on camera before landing the role as Rockstar Jack Damon on This Is Us, was not among the list of new guest stars announced for the show last month.

This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman told reporters there were a lot of boxes to check when casting the role of Jack Damon and Stadnik nailed them all. Fogelman said producers were looking for a leading man type who could also “stand in the [Greek Theater] in front of a live audience and actually perform and sing a song.” Clearly, Stadnik fit the bill.

Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly producers shot Stadnik’s concert scene during an intermission at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles and they were given 10 minutes to do it.

“We got the audience to stay in their seats. Blake had to go out there on his own, and he got one and a half takes through the song,” the This Is Us creator said. “We were supposed to have 10 minutes and we realized we buy some goodwill with the band and the crowd if we just cut off after five because Blake nailed it and we just pulled him off.”

Fogelman added that the show will be returning to Rockstar Jack in future episodes, but not for a while. That means “Memorized” is all you’ve got for now.

This is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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