WWE News: ‘SmackDown’ Superstar Has Car Broken Into And Ring Gear Stolen


Wrestlers are on the road for the majority of every single year which means visiting and spending the night in different cities all the time. It’s not always easy to know where is the best place to visit or safest place to stay, but there are issues that come with any place you go. Unfortunately for one SmackDown Live superstar, he ended up being the victim of a burglary while visiting San Francisco where his ring gear was stolen.

When the WWE is on the road, superstars end up traveling together, renting cars, staying in different hotels, and spending time in strange places. It’s difficult to always have an idea of where they should go when they’re exhausted and just ready to have a bite to eat or get some rest.

Tucker of the tag team Heavy Machinery has been trying to work his way up the ladder with his partner Otis, but problems keep getting in their way. While they are working on capturing tag team gold on WWE’s main roster, Tucker is now having to worry about his ring gear being illegally sold.

The SmackDown Live superstar posted on his official Twitter account that his car was broken into during a recent trip to San Francisco. Not only was the window broken out in his car, but he also revealed that some of his ring gear was stolen from him.

There wasn’t any further information regarding the situation given by Tucker, but one would assume that this incident was reported to the police. The good thing about social media is that if Tucker’s ring gear ends up online and for sale, everyone who has seen this post will know that they are dealing with stolen goods.

It’s really difficult for superstars and wrestlers of any promotion to avoid issues when they’re on the road so often.

Earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported that Chris Jericho had the AEW World Title belt stolen from him while dining at a Longhorn Steakhouse. After a few days, the belt was found and the All Elite Wrestling Championship was returned, but that was a pretty big theft for anyone.

No one really wants to believe that there are bad people out there, but every single city, town, and country around the world has them. WWE is on the road so much that its superstars need to simply do the best they can to make sure they stay in safe areas and out of trouble. Unfortunately for Tucker, his car was broken into and his ring gear was stolen, but hopefully, it will be found and returned to him.