‘Teen Mom’ Fans Outraged By ‘Young & Pregnant’ Video, Demand Teen Pregnancy Promotion Stop

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant is officially coming back, per The Inquisitr. The MTV franchise’s fans will have a new show to watch in October, with promotion for the series already appearing to have begun over on Teen Mom‘s Instagram.

The video posted showed a stereotypical teen pregnancy moment, featuring a girl in a bathroom with a pregnancy test. While the video was brief, it seems to have generated a wave of outrage. Quite simply, fans aren’t happy with what they feel is the promotion of teenage pregnancy. The video was less than 24 hours old before Instagram users started flooding it with comments – while not all the responses were damning, many users questioned whether the already-enormous franchise should be bringing more young mothers into the public eye.

“Smh promoting teen pregnancy,” a fan wrote, with over 22 others agreeing.

“Stop this sh*t,” was another comment.

One user left a more verbose comment.

“It just shows how this world has become…letting our kids know that it’s ok to be a teen and pregnant…sad world we live in.”

Other fans seemed to be in agreement with the overall sentiment.

“Glorifying unwed, uneducated teen moms,” read one comment.

“Poor kids they victims,” another user wrote.

“Please no…,” said one commenter who didn’t seem so keen for the new show to air.

The comments didn’t seem geared toward the cast member featured – rather, it did seem that users were trying to send the show’s producers a message.

One fan seemed exasperated by what they felt the show portrays, per their comment.

“I thought the whole point of this show was to help prevent teen pregnancy…wow way to go on that failure.”

The franchise often has fans wondering whether teen pregnancy is glamorized. For the most part, the current cast members appear to do their best to show that young motherhood isn’t a picnic. Fans have seen Maci Bookout admit that she just wanted girls to know how hard it was for her. Catelynn Lowell and husband Tyler Baltierra also saw their struggles portrayed after they gave their first daughter up for adoption.

Then again, there is a glamorous edge. The stars who shot to fame 10 years ago are now bona fide celebrities. They’ve moved into larger and fancier homes – Catelynn Lowell, for instance, has even been spotted with a Louis Vuitton bag. Farrah Abraham may have left the franchise, but she exudes a very glam vibe nowadays. The stars now command high salaries, they have their own businesses, and many act as social media influencers.

Fans will likely have a lot to talk about as the new show’s air date approaches.