Jenelle Evans Reveals The Truth Behind Rumors Her Husband ‘Knocked Out’ Her Teeth: ‘I Have My Teeth’

Brian AchGetty Images

AAlthough she may no longer be on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans still interacts with her followers on social media. According to Pop Culture, on Wednesday the mom-of-three took to her Instagram stories to answer questions from fans. One question asked Jenelle if it was true that her husband, David Eason, had “knocked out” her bottom teeth.

“Let’s put this rumor to rest everyone,” Jenelle said.

She then showed off a retainer in its case and explained that she uses that to “straighten out” her teeth.

“I have got a retainer that’s like fake teeth, and that’s what I had to straighten out my jaw. I have my teeth — these are all my teeth.”

Jenelle then showed off her bottom teeth in the camera to show fans that she does, indeed, have all her teeth intact.

Before fans could bombard her with questions as to why she needed to have her jaw straightened, she explained that in more detail, too.

“I have an overbite really bad, and it almost touches the bottom of my teeth. [The retainer] didn’t work. I still have do more work to it, — have to see another doctor. We’ll see what happens.”

Jenelle and David recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. The couple has been married for two years and, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jenelle shared some photos to Instagram of herself along with her husband.

Although things appear to be going well between the two, there is no doubt Jenelle and David have had a tough year. Earlier this year, David reportedly shot Jenelle’s French bulldog, Nugget, after the dog nipped at their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley. Following the incident, MTV cut ties with Jenelle. As a result, Jenelle was not filmed for the most recent season of the show. Rather, MTV replaced her with Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star Jade Cline.

However, that wasn’t the only bad news for the couple. They also lost custody of their three children following the dog incident. Jenelle and David spent weeks in and out of court in an effort to regain custody of their kids. Before the Fourth of July, the kids were returned to the couple’s care.

While Jenelle no longer appears on Teen Mom 2, she is busy doing plenty of other things. Recently, Jenelle released her eyebrow kit. The former reality show star had a launch party in New York City for the release.

Fans can catch up with Jenelle Evans on social media.