Cops Kill Teen Gunman In Brooklyn After He Allegedly Pulls Pistol From Waistband

Cops killed a teen gunman in Brooklyn after the boy broke away from a group that police were questioning and suspiciously adjusted his waistband, pulling out a revolver that he reportedly aimed at police.

The police were on patrol on East 52nd street patrolling as part of the Brooklyn South Anti-Crime Unit. The police were undercover and driving a red unmarked car when they came across a group of teenagers standing outside a house in the East Flatbush neighborhood. When they tried to question them, the 16-year-old took off.

Police said that Kimani Gray ran away and pulled out a .357-revolver, which he pointed at the officers. The cops then killed the teen gunman, firing several shots that hit his body.

Residents of East Flatbush said it didn’t go down that way.

“He was running for his life, telling the cops stop,” witness Camile Johnson told PIX11. “These cops is ridiculous. They really are, seriously, walking around, shooting little kids. They was just beating up somebody on 51st, now they came down here and shot somebody’s child.”

Another witness said that teen Kimani Gray yelled at police to stop as they opened fire, saying that he was not running.

“I heard a lot of shots, rapid fire, about eight shots,” another resident told the New York Post. “I heard the gun shots from my living room.”

Kimani Gray reportedly grabbed his side and began yelling after he was shot. The teen gunman was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where doctors tried to treat the gunshot wounds to his leg and stomach, but he died at the hospital. Two police officers were also taken to the hospital for trauma.

Police noted that he had a long rap sheet that included charges of grand larceny and inciting riot.

After cops killed the teen gunman, the police department opened an investigation into the shooting.