Donald Trump Uses ‘Nervous Nancy’ Impeachment Inquiry To Springboard Campaign Fundraising

Spencer PlattGetty Images

Donald Trump and his team have made a play to turn the impeachment inquiry in their favor by using it as a springboard for Republican Party fundraising. The Trump Make America Great Again Committee sent out an email that announced the establishment of the GOP’s “Official Impeachment Defense Task Force.” However, it’s unclear if this is an official body or a less formal group of individuals. The Daily Beast reported the email backed up Trump’s claims of the impeachment inquiry being little more than a “witch hunt.”

“This is only the beginning of yet ANOTHER nasty Witch Hunt against me, and we need to fight back BIGGER and STRONGER than ever before.”

The email reportedly encouraged recipients to become “charter members” and said that their donations will be “double-matched.” In a quote from Trump himself, the email goes on to encourage readers to trust the president, with the text being sent in all caps.


Trump’s email doesn’t elaborate on the details of how it will be matching the donations twofold. But according to one website that reported on the matter, Mother Jones, it’s unlikely to happen due to federal campaigning financing legislation that sets strict limits on donations.

The U.S. representative for Alabama’s 1st congressional district, Bradly Byrne, is among many Republicans accusing Democrats of launching the impeachment inquiry due to their inability to win at the ballot box, an accusation that was fueled by a Nancy Pelosi interview where she said that it is “absolutely essential” that Trump not get re-elected.

The Washington Examiner also picked up on the news, sharing more details of the email showing that Donald Trump has taken to calling Nancy Pelosi — who announced the official start of the impeachment inquiry yesterday — by the nickname “Nervous Nancy.”

“Nervous Nancy has let this go too far and it’s only going to get worse. American’s fearless resolve has always protected this great country from these types of disgusting attacks on our Country. And I know, today will be no different.”

Impeachment is a long process and one that’s only been completed twice in American history. But the official announcement of the inquiry starting, which was reported by The Inquisitr recently, is a major turning point in the event which has been suggested on many occasions throughout Trump’s presidency. Pelosi announced that no less than six committees were investigating various alleged offenses made by President Trump and that the findings would be reported to the Judiciary Committee with a view to form the basis of Trump’s impeachment.