Donald Trump’s U.N. Speech Causes Critics To Speculate On His Mental State

Drew AngererGetty Images

President Donald Trump spoke to the United Nations General Assembly this morning, and he had plenty to say. However, many critics on Twitter quickly picked up on the president’s unusually subdued tone.

Trump seemed to drone in a monotone voice as he discussed topics like Iran, illegal immigration, LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, abortion, social media companies, and tyranny, among many other things. He asked the nations gathered to honor their cultures and dignity, and to lift up their countries to create a brighter future filled with happier people. However, such grand words did not pack the same punch when Trump spoke them.

“Is he drugged??? OR… is that what happens when he has to read?” tweeted author and speaker Ted Rubin.

“Embarrassing for our country and the world. @realDonaldTrump,” wrote former Trump White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci.

Some people wondered if President Trump might be ill or tired. Critics also voiced concern that the president may be experiencing a mental decline, which is something that the president’s critics have claimed on many occasions.

“Not only is @realDonaldTrump’s UN speech a snoozer — this is the grand finale, notice how low energy he is — but also he’s sweating profusely,” noted writer John Aravosis in a tweet. He went on to mention that the president slurred his words, which Aravosis said he’d done before.

Throughout his speech, Trump remained on topic and promoted his America-first ideology. President Trump told those gathered that the future of the world does not belong to globalists. Instead, he believes that the future belongs to patriots who protect their citizens and respect their neighbors, according to a Reuters report. The president told the gathered countries that the U.S. wants partners, and urged them to act against what he called Iran’s bloodlust after the recent attacks in Saudi Arabia. China also received a stern message from Trump. He warned the country’s president to properly deal with mass demonstrations happening in Hong Kong.

Trump read the prepared words on a teleprompter, which many noted he seemed to have trouble seeing because he squinted throughout his remarks. The language he used seemingly sounded fiery when reading in print, but when Trump said them aloud to the United Nations General Assembly this morning, critics claim they came out sounding flat and non-energetic.

Late last night, The Inquisitr reported that Trump appeared to mock 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg, igniting a firestorm of controversy over what some people felt was a sarcastic mocking of the teen. Yesterday, when Thunberg addressed the group, she became quite emotional, which was a stark contrast to Trump’s delivery this morning.