Donald Trump’s Impeachment ‘Likely’ In ‘Big Day’ On Capitol Hill, ‘Washington Post’ Reporter Says

Spencer Platt Getty Images

Could President Donald Trump’s days in the Oval Office be numbered? A tweet from a Washington Post congressional reporter suggests that Tuesday could be the day that the House begins impeachment proceedings against the 45th president over a whistleblower report claiming the president asked the Ukrainian government to investigate a political rival.

“BIG DAY on Capitol Hill for what my sources now say will likely be the impeachment of the third US president,” Rachael Bade, a congressional reporter for The Washington Post and a CNN analyst, tweeted at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Talks of impeachment have gained new support following reports that the president allegedly asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky eight times on a July phone call to investigate his political rival, former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s current front-runner for nomination to run against Trump in 2020.

The president has been unclear on whether he asked Ukraine to investigate the former vice president. However, per a previous report from The Inquisitr, Trump has seemingly admitted to asking the country’s leader about Biden over what he claimed were concerns over corruption and providing U.S. aid.

The president has previously asked Twitter followers if they believed he was “dumb enough” to ask a foreign leader something inappropriate on a call he claimed was “highly populated” with other U.S. officials. He has also told reporters that it didn’t matter what he discussed with the foreign leader and said that he believed the whistleblower was possibly partisan as well.

While many, including Biden, have pressured the president to release a transcript of the call between himself and the Ukrainian president, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said he believed that releasing the transcript between the president and the foreign leader would not be appropriate.

Meanwhile, calls for the president’s impeachment have increased, as The Inquisitr reported Monday, following reports that the president ordered acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney to put $400 million in military aid to Ukraine on hold about a week before the July call with the country’s president. Per the previous report, former National Security Advisor John Bolton urged the president to release the funds to provide leverage against Russian aggression, but the president insisted on holding them, citing corruption. The funds were eventually released to the country in September.

The president later would announce the firing of Bolton as his national security adviser on Twitter, citing differences in opinion.

Trump has seemingly latched on to rumors that claim former Vice President Joe Biden intervened in Ukraine in order to get a prosecutor removed from a case that involved his son, Hunter Biden. The younger Biden has worked in the oil industry in the Eastern European country. But an article from Rolling Stone, which dives into allegations against the Democratic presidential candidate, says that what occurred in Ukraine was actually not much of a controversy at all.

Biden was reportedly one of many western leaders involved in calling for the resignation of Viktor Shokin, Ukraine’s prosecutor general, over claims that he was at the center of the country’s corruption scandals. Following pressure, the Ukrainian Parliament would eventually vote to remove Shokin from office.

As The Inquisitr noted, the latest reports about the whistleblower and the president’s alleged behavior has increased calls on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a moderate Democrat who has previously been cold on the topic of impeachment, to begin proceedings against the president. If the tweet from The Washington Post reporter is to be believed, those calls might be working as the House could be moving closer to beginning the process.