Gwen Stefani Talks To Hoda Kotb About ‘The Today Show’ Host’s Blake Shelton Obsession

In 2018, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton celebrated the opening of her "Gwen Stefani - Just a Girl" Las Vegas residency
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Gwen Stefani showed up on Today on September 23 to talk about the premiere of The Voice Season 17. However, the chatter between Andy Cohen, Hoda Kotb, and the reality show coach-singer quickly turned to a discussion of Gwen’s boyfriend and The Voice co-coach, Blake Shelton.

After screening a video from the show that will air on Monday, Andy Cohen asked if the three could address what he called “the elephant in the room.” He explained that Hoda is in love with Blake and that she has become a little stalker-y about what he deemed as “her obsession.”

“I can relate. He’s a magical person,” Gwen said with pride in her voice.

Hoda asked Blake’s beau if she fell for him in an instant.

“I feel like he is everything. He’s tall. He’s sexy….” remarked Hoda, who seemed to want to go on when Andy interrupted her to say, “We know.”

While Gwen did not directly answer the question about when she fell for the country crooner, she didn’t seem at all rattled by Hoda’s admission of being obsessed. The singer simply seemed to agree that Blake was obsession-worthy.

“Life is full of surprises. I just never thought in my wildest dreams that a ska girl from Anaheim and a cowboy… I am actually so obsessed with Blake Shelton that I went back and watched old interviews with you guys. I am so fascinated that he was alive back then. I didn’t know him and you did.”

She admitted that during The Voice, Gwen wasn’t sure how much she should act on the television show like she does when she is with him on a personal level. She determined that, in the end, “you can’t do anything else but be you.”

Gwen has been on the talk show circuit a lot to promote the new season of The Voice, where she and Blake join Kelly Clarkson and John Legend as this season’s coaches. The “4 In The Morning” hitmaker will also be continuing her residency, “Just A Girl,” in Las Vegas’ Zappos Theater. In her show, Gwen is just as much a fashionista as she is a singer and performer.

Gwen didn’t disappoint in the fashion department for her Today appearance, either. She donned a leopard print, skintight dress equipped with spaghetti straps on the morning show and accessorized with a bunch of bling. She sported a trio of cascading necklaces, a gold bracelet, and rings on three different fingers of her left hand — though a ring was missing from “that” finger.


Gwen posted a photo of herself with Hoda and Maria Shriver to Instagram to promote her The Today Show appearance. She captioned the post with paragraphs gushing about how thankful and blessed she is to be working alongside successful women who “lift me up.” Although “The Hollaback Girl” singer didn’t seem to be missing her boyfriend, she sure did talk about him a lot during her segment.

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