September 22, 2019
Woman Is Trampled By A Stampede Of 'Berserk' Herd Of Cattle While Walking Her Dog

An elderly woman in West Sussex, England has been trampled to death by a herd of cattle while out walking her dog.

The Independent reported that Hillary Adair, 87, was knocked to the ground and trampled by a herd of Belted Galloway cattle at Linchmere Common and repeatedly attacked by the animals as she tried to stand up. The cows were grazing when something triggered them, making them go "berserk."

Ms. Adair was airlifted from the scene to St. George's Hospital in London and died a week later without regaining consciousness.

At the inquest, testimony was given that this attack came a day after a couple was attacked on the common in a similar manner, which was reported to the owners of the herd. Adair's daughter stated that her mother would have never walked the dog there if she knew the cows were so easily spooked.

Bryony Dillamore witnessed the attack on Adair when she was walking her own dog.

"I didn't see any signs to indicate that it was not safe to enter the common. I then noticed that the cattle surrounding what I then understood was an elderly person... with blood all over her head and chest."
Dillamore stated that every time Adair moved or tried to stand, the cattle got more aggressive. She said that she immediately called for emergency services, as the herd was "out of control."

Rachel Thompson testified that one day earlier, she and her husband were chased off by the same cattle and were forced to run for their lives.

"We were just walking and chatting and that is when we kind of got the sensation that some cows had come behind us and they were very, very close to us. We had heard one bellowing and my husband said 'Run!'"
She claims she was knocked to the ground, saying that she only avoided being trampled because her husband hit the cows with a stick. Her husband, Carl Thompson, said that he was left bloody after the cattle went "berserk."

The herd is owned and managed by the Lynchmere Society and Lynchmere Community Grazing CIC, which has moved the herd to another location. The organization released a statement saying that there will be serious discussions before the cattle can graze on the commons again.

The Inquisitr has previously reported, people being attacked or trampled by livestock is not unusual. Many farm animals are prone to being startled, which can cause the death of their owner or a bystander due to their sheer body mass.