Lindsey Graham Urges Justice Department To ‘Look At The Biden-Ukraine Connection’

Lindsey Graham speaks at a news conference proposing legislation to address the crisis at the southern border.
Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images

In an interview broadcast Sunday, South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham urged the Department of Justice to “look at the Biden-Ukraine connection,” Mediaite reports.

According to Graham, former Vice President Joe Biden needs to be investigated for his alleged ties to Ukraine like President Donald Trump was investigated for his alleged ties to Russia.

“Joe Biden said everybody has looked at this and found nothing. Who is everybody?” Graham asked, noting that he believes Ukraine’s “role” in the 2016 presidential election needs to be investigated as well.

Echoing Trump, the Republican accused the American media of being biased against the GOP, arguing that members of the press cannot be trusted to investigate and report on the matter, which is why someone else needs to do so.

Graham then urged the Department of Justice to “look at all things Ukraine.”

The South Carolina Senator argued that it is only appropriate for Biden to be investigated for his alleged ties to Ukraine, given that Trump had been investigated for allegedly conspiring with officials in Moscow to sway the 2016 presidential election in his favor.

“So here’s what I’m calling for, I’m calling for somebody in the Justice Department to look at all things Ukraine, we’ve looked at all things Russia and Trump,” he said.

“So nobody’s looked at this,” Graham said of the Biden family’s supposed relationship with Ukrainian oligarchs, “but somebody should, so I’m hoping that the Department of Justice will look at the Biden-Ukraine connection like we looked at the Trump-Russia connection.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Trump is being accused of abusing the power of his office to damage Democratic frontrunner Biden’s campaign.

Initially brought up by an anonymous whistleblower, the allegations that that Trump is pressuring Ukraine’s newly-elected president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden son Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine have been confirmed by the president’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani.


However, Trump’s acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguir has blocked the United States Congress from accessing the whistleblower’s complaint in full.

Trump, he claims, would have “no problem” with Giuliani testifying before Congress.

Congress has not summoned the attorney, however, and Democratic leadership in the House of Representative has remained passive, irking some Democrats.

Frustrated with Nancy Pelosi’s inaction, some Democrats in the House believe that the leadership needs to put pressure on the Commander-in-Chief via an impeachment inquiry.

Biden commented on the issue as well, denying all allegations against his son. The former vice president said that he had never spoken to his son about his supposed ties to Ukraine, urging the media to focus on investigating Trump instead of reporting about his family.