Couple’s Second Lottery Win, $1 Million Pot Claimed

A couple’s second lottery win has arrived nearly 18 years after they claimed their first $2.5 million jackpot. Diane Carmichael and her husband, Kerry, claimed $1 million this week. The couple won the prize courtesy of a quick pick ticket.

The win couldn’t have come at a better time; the couple were receiving $125,000 annuity payments ever since winning the lottery in 1995. However, those payments were set to end in December 2014. Now the couple will continue to receive annuity payments.

The couple’s second lottery win will pay $665,000 after taxes, enough for the couple to still hope for one more win.

Talking about her good fortune, Diane Carmichel told, “two down, one to go.”

According to Diane, “good things come in threes,” which might explain why she expects another win despite her astronomical good fortune.

Some multiple-lottery winners have went to extreme lengths for their winnings, developing number choosing systems and monitoring the industry for help. The Carmichaels, on the other hand, just bought a quick pick ticket, which chose the numbers for them.

Diane’s husband purchased the first winning ticket in 1995, and she chose the couple’s second lottery winning ticket this year.

The state of Arizona, where the couple lives, has handed out 19 $1 million winning quick pick tickets since January 2012. Perhaps living in the state of Arizona is the real trick for winning the lottery.

The increase in $1 million lottery tickets in Arizona has been witnessed ever since the state introduced a new $2 dollar lottery.

So what do Diane and Kerry Carmichael plan to do with their new winnings? If we had to guess, we would say the couple’s second lottery win will allow them to live the same lifestyle they have lived since 1995.

Are you amazed by the couple’s second lottery win given the astronomically low probability of winning the lottery once, let alone twice?