‘Tall Girl’ Star Ava Michelle Tells Fans To ‘Stand Tall Always’

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Ava Michelle, 17, is one of the newest members of the Netflix Originals family. For those who don’t recognize her name, she’s the leading lady of the new teenage rom-com, Tall Girl.

Tall Girl is a Netflix Original film that revolves around a teenager named Jodi who struggles to cope with being unusually taller then the rest of her high school peers. The film kicks off with the character putting emphasis on just how tall she is.

The opening scene of the film features Jodi having a conversation with a cute male peer. The male peer proceeds to ask her on a date before she stands up and he becomes intimidated by her towering height. According to Ava’s narration, it is something that happens all to often when her character is surrounded by her peers.

Things, however, seemingly look up for Michelle’s character when an equally tall foreign exchange student enters her science class. The mystery student quickly checks off all of her ideal boyfriend boxes as he proves to be smart, handsome, and tall.

Just yesterday, Michelle took to Instagram to share an empowering short video clip with her 936,000 followers.

The clip kicks off with her introducing who she is before transitioning to a scene from the film where her character explains the struggle of being a tall girl because it is the only thing people ever seen when they look at her.

“And I want to tell you that no matter what you see…hear on social media, nobody is as special as you are,” Ava says before the video shifts back to another scene from the movie during which her best friend, Jack Dunkleman (played by Griffin Gluck), confesses how much he cares about Ava’s character right before crashing his bike into a parked vehicle.

“Stand tall always,” Ava adds before the video clip comes to an end.

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stand tall always.

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Unsurprisingly the video clip has been viewed over 250,000 times with over 800 people taking the time to pen their thoughts in the comments.

Many commended the young actress on being such an inspiration to teenagers struggling to fit in everywhere.

Others opted to complement Ava with single words such as “queen” and “beautiful.”

A few even seized the comments section of the video clip as an opportunity to announce their love for the young actress.

“Keep being confident in all 73 inches of you! It’ll motivate me to be confident with the 75,” one Instagram user penned in the comments.

“U definitely made me feel better about my height haha thank u,” a second individual chimed in.

Tall Girl is currently available to stream on Netflix.