Spoilers For Next Week On 'The Young And The Restless': Sharon Trades Herself To Adam For Victoria's Freedom

The Young and the Restless spoilers video for next week, September 23 through September 27 brings surprises to Genoa City as Rey and Paul arrest Victoria, and Sharon trades herself to Adam for Victoria's freedom. Plus, Devon remains sure that the woman calling herself Amanda Sinclair is not really a lawyer since she looks just like Hilary.

Nick (Joshua Morrow), Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Victoria (Amelia Heinle), and Billy (Jason Thompson) gather for a meal at Society. They are discussing family matters when Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) interrupts their conversation with stunning news. He has a warrant for Victoria's arrest.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Adam's lackey lied about who bought the pills from her, and Adam set up Victoria, framing her for Victor's demise. Not surprisingly, Nikki is flabbergasted by the arrest, and Nick and Billy both look furious.

Meanwhile, Sharon (Sharon Case) takes up Victoria's cause. She knows just how to help Victoria get out of trouble. She goes to Adam (Mark Grossman) and asks him to help his sister. Of course, Adam being Adam, he wants to know what is in it for him should he decide to help out his dear sister, who finds herself in trouble for Victor's death.

Sharon gives her ex-husband a shocking answer, though. Even though Sharon recently turned down Adam's marriage proposal and made it incredibly clear that she is over him, Sharon offers Adam herself in exchange for Victoria's freedom. Seems like a solid plan, but will Adam decide it is worth it to have Sharon for himself? Plus, Adam may realize he cannot trust Sharon to follow through.

Recently, his niece, Summer (Hunter King), found out the hard way that people don't always keep their promises after Kyle (Michael Mealor) promised her a year of marriage in exchange for Summer donating part of her liver to save Lola's (Sasha Calle) life. Adam is older and wiser than Summer, so he may not buy what Sharon is selling.

Finally, Devon (Bryton James) is not having it. Amanda (Mishael Morgan) is walking around looking just like Devon's late wife, Hilary. In his mind, there is no way that the lawyer that Chance Chancellor hired to fight him over Katherine Chancellor's will is Hilary's doppelganger. There must be some trickery going on.

While Amanda is trying to discuss the case with Devon, he is over the whole thing. He does not want the woman who says she is Amanda Sinclair, the lawyer, to tell him that she has no clue why she looks exactly like his late wife.