Planes Collide On Tarmac At JFK [Video]

Two planes collide on tarmac at JFK

Two planes collided with each other at JFK Airport Saturday, aviation officials said.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported when an Air India flight hit a JetBlue plane heading for West Palm Beach, Florida. Air India flight 102 had just landed on the tarmac around 6:19 am and was taxing toward the gate when the left wingtip hit the rudder of JetBlue flight 145, which was carrying about 150 passengers.

A passenger on board the Air India flight said, “There was a noise. You could feel the vibration but I didn’t know what happened.”

The JetBlue plane, whose passengers were forced to disembark, were stopped at the gate waiting to have a tow bar replaced when the accident happened, according to a statement from the airline.

A transportation source said, “At the end of the day, this is a minor situation. There were no injuries and, not too long after that, passengers that were on the plane went on a new flight and were taken out.”

Plane collisions are incredibly uncommon, but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen at all.

Earlier this year, two jets collided at Miami International Airport. An Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus and an Air France 777-300, carrying a combined 540 passengers, hit each other between concourse J and H on January 18. No one was injured in the incident, but both planes sustained damage during the collision. One plane had its wingtip damaged and the other took damage to its tail section.

In Holland last year, two planes collided and got stuck together in mid-air. No one was injured on either plane and both were able to make emergency. Astonishingly, the entire incident was caught on camera. The cameraman, Eric Donk, captured the moment before a single-engine plane rose toward the plane he was a passenger on. He also managed to capture the two planes actually getting stuck together.

When that happened, both planes began plummeting toward the ground. Both pilots were able to maintain their composure and safely land the aircrafts. One landed on a beach with a damaged wing while the other returned to an airport in Rotterdam.

In another example of plane-on-plane violence, on the last day of 2012, a Spirit Airlines flight that had just landed at Fort Lauderale International Airport hit a parked jet with its wingtip. Again, miraculously, there were no injuries reported on either flight, and the plane was hit in an area where planes are normally stored overnight.

Does hearing about plane collisions make you afraid to fly?

UPDATE 1:33 pm:

The FAA has said that the two planes were not under air traffic control at the time of the collision. The administration also said that the exact cause of the accident was still under investigation.

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