Donald Trump Causes Legal Experts To Go Nuts On Twitter As He Attempts To Dismiss Whistleblower Accusations

Mark WilsonGetty Images

President Trump found himself in the firing line of the intelligence community earlier this week and now the lawyers of Twitter have set their sights on the president as he attempts to dismiss recent whistleblower claims, Law And Crime reported.

The allegations made the headlines after Trump had reportedly “promised” something that he shouldn’t have to a world leader. While some reports suggest that it was in a telephone conversation to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the exact nature of the slip-up is unclear at this time.

As he often does in the face of controversy, Trump took to Twitter to announce that the allegations were little more than “fake news.”

“Another Fake News story out there – It never ends! Virtually anytime I speak on the phone to a foreign leader, I understand that there may be many people listening from various U.S. agencies, not to mention those from the other country itself. No problem!”

In another tweet, President Trump assured Americans by asking if anyone would be “dumb enough” to believe that he would make inappropriate statements.

“No problem! Knowing all of this, is anybody dumb enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader while on such a potentially “heavily populated” call. I would only do what is right anyway, and only do good for the USA!”

The legal community did not approve of Trump’s PR approach. One lawyer, Josh Campbell, accused the White House of obstructing whistleblower reports, saying that this is something that should concern us all.

Another lawyer pointed out to Trump that the intelligence director whom Trump himself appointed believes that he did say something “inappropriate,” likely referring to the fact that Adam Schiff of the House Intel Committee called the claims “both credible and urgent.”

Another backs up the point that officials acknowledging the complaint in this way makes it very difficult for Trump to claim that it’s fake news.

The Washington Post said that the recent turn of events could “further strain his relationship with U.S. spy agencies.”

It’s not the first time that the president found himself in the firing line of the intelligence community. The now-infamous Mueller Report saw news outlets splashing headlines about Russian collusion for months, only for it to be discovered to hold no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. But it seems possible the president may have to take responsibility for his actions on this occasion, despite fake news claims and his earlier attempts to call it “presidential harassment,” as reported by The Inquisitr a few days ago.