WWE News: Injured ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar Reportedly Forced To Retire


Jason Jordan has been out of in-ring action since February of last year, having been written out of WWE television to undergo neck surgery. Fans of the promising young superstar shouldn’t expect his return any time soon, though, as it looks like his career in the squared circle is over.

Citing the Wrestling Observer Newsletter‘s Dave Meltzer, Sportskeeda reports that the Monday Night Raw superstar isn’t returning to action, which confirms rumors about his status that have been circulating for months.

“Jason Jordan, who also gets asked about, is less likely to return. You never say never, but in his case, it wasn’t looking good and there has been in the past the feeling that his career could be over,” Meltzer reported.

Jordan’s last appearance in WWE saw him accidentally cost Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns a tag team match on an episode of Monday Night Raw. After the match, Kurt Angle — who is also Jordan’s kayfabe father — sent the superstar home. However, this storyline was WWE’s way of writing him off of television until he recovered from his injury.

At the time, Jordan was expected to be out of action for over a year. The original plan was to have him return before WrestleMania 35 so he could compete against the Olympic gold medalist in his retirement match. In the end, the spot went to Baron Corbin in a match that didn’t go down as a classic.

News of Jordan’s retirement isn’t an unexpected revelation, though. Last September, The Inquisitr reported that there was backstage talk of the former amateur wrestler having to retire. The latest developments merely back up reports that have been discussed for months.

Jason Jordan lies on the floor in the WWE arena
Featured image credit: WWE

If fans don’t see Jordan lace up his boots again, his forced retirement will go down in history as one of the saddest stories to emerge from WWE in recent years. For a start, he’s only 30-years-old, which makes his retirement feel premature as most wrestlers hit their prime around that age.

Jordan was also in the midst of a push when he got injured. His initial reveal as Angle’s son wasn’t a popular storyline among the WWE Universe, but the young superstar made it work and started to find his groove as a divisive character who toed the line between babyface and heel.

In recent months, Jordan has been working as a producer. His new role means that he can put his knowledge to good use, but he still has unfinished business in the ring. He hasn’t confirmed his retirement yet, so when it comes to a wrestling return, never say never.