‘The Affair’ Spoilers For Season 5, Episode 5: Will The Real Noah Solloway Please Stand Up

The official clip that acts as a spoiler for Season 5, Episode 5 of The Affair puts Noah and Helen at odds during an intense conversation.

“Come on, don’t you feel anything for me anymore?” he asks his ex-wife.

“If I feel anything for you, I feel sorry for you,” she answers, adding, “You’ve managed to turn 50 and not know how to be an adult.”

This discussion sets the tone for the upcoming episode of the Showtime show, which has more twists and turns than a curvy mountain road.

Noah then questions his former spouse about Sasha. He is her current beau who happens to be an actor cast in the role Noah wrote about himself in a novel for which the movie being made is based. After trying to sabotage her relationship with Sasha — only to get caught in the act of setting up a sting last week, per The Inquisitr — he was still incredulous about Mister Mann. Noah believes Sasha is simply “pretending” to be him.

He lets he ex-wife know what he is thinking.

“It’s obvious. You’re in love with me,” he insists.

Helen ups the ante, stating, “He’s you but he’s better.”

After that, she tells Noah to be honest with himself because she knows he wants her back only because Sasha wants her. Noah blurts out that, even though he has made some mistakes, he wants a second chance because he loves Helen. He claims he has always loved her.

Helen hangs her head and thinks about what her former husband has just said. She reminds Noah that he has already had a second chance.

“I would be a f**king idiot to go back there,” she says.

A second video examines other aspects of the upcoming episode of The Affair.

Sitting in a lovely home setting, Helen clinks champagne glasses with a friend.

“This is basically your debut,” the friend tells her.

“As what?” asks Helen

“Sasha Mann’s girlfriend,” her friend replies.

While the two talk, the scene shifts to Helen as she saunters across a room into Sasha’s arms. They kiss. A friend notices and tells her, “Way to glow up, Helen.”

Another scene change has Helen answering the door, only to greet her next-door neighbor, Sierra. She is holding the baby she conceived during a one night stand with Helen’s now-deceased boyfriend.

Sierra asks if Helen will watch the newborn, saying she’s “desperate.” Helen isn’t having it.

“You brought a baby into this world. Figure it out,” she says.

After that, the preview turns even darker, as a Range Rover is recklessly driven along a tree-lined road. A second later, the scene switches again to show a woman asking Sierra who Helen is.

“She’s like a second mother to me,” she says.

Then the focus turns back to the Range Rover as the luxury vehicle careens into a dumpster just as the mother of Helen’s dead boyfriend declares to her, “You had everyone fooled.”

The Affair airs on Sundays on Showtime.