Miss Universe Japan Is A Huge Nerd, Draws Manga

Yukimi Matuso Miss Japan

Yukimi Matuso is a gorgeous woman, Miss Universe Japan 2013, and a huge nerd.

Sexy nerds have kind of become a thing over the past several years, and Matuso is no exception to the trend. When she was a little girl, she was terrible at sports, and wasn’t really all that interested in school. What she devoted her time to was drawing manga (which are Japanese comic books to the uninitiated).

Matuso grew into a stunningly beautiful woman, and this month won the title of Miss Universe Japan 2013. But in true nerd fashion, Matuso isn’t going to try and parlay her fame into a reality TV show, fashion photoshoots, or a misguided attempt at a music career. She wants to become a manga artist.

The 25-year-old told reporters that she’s been drawing manga for years, because it was the only thing she was good at.

“My grades weren’t all that great, and my physical skills weren’t the best either. The one thing that I would be complimented on by my relatives were the illustrations I drew. I’m not very good at talking a lot, so I hoped I could convey my feelings by drawing manga. I showed my friends my illustrations to show them how I felt. That was about fifth grade,” she said.

Matuso admits that she entered the competition to help her through the door into a career as a manga artist.

“The reason why I entered this competition is because I want to tell the world about Japanese manga.”

She will represent Japan in the upcoming Miss Universe competition, and will no doubt seal the geek vote. Check out some pictures of Matuso and her work below: