Taylor Swift Is Worried She’ll End Up Alone

Taylor Swift worries

Poor Taylor Swift is worried that she’ll wind up vain and alone.

The 23-year-old country singer graces the cover of April’s InStyle UK, and admits to struggles all twentysomethings face in the accompanying interview. Most of all, Swift fears “making the wrong choices” and “messing this up” in her life as a young celebrity constantly under the scrutinizing watch of the media.

But she also worries that her future won’t be as bright and sparky as her present.

“What I worry about is that I never want to end up kind of a self-centered, vain human being,” she admits, self-aware and wary of the countless pitfalls that face young celebrities.

I don’t wanna end up being awful and intolerable. Alone. Laying in a marble bathtub by myself, like sad, with a glass of wine complaining that my life ended up alone because I pushed everyone away because I thought I was too good to hang out with anybody.”

Still, Taylor feels that avoiding such pitfalls is key to having a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, which is something she is admittedly hopeful for.

“The typical Hollywood sad cliché of the poor lonely starlet with no one because she put up all these walls and didn’t trust anyone,” she adds. “That’s my fear. And that’s why I live my life the way I live my life because I’d so much rather feel everything than end up like that.”

Swift also plainly admits to something we can all relate to. She doesn’t exactly have a “master plan,” and is figuring her life out as she goes.

“I’ve thought that I did have a dream scenario before but it turns out that I change my mind and that essentially in your 20s all the puzzle pieces of your life are thrown up in the air,” Swift says, adding, “and they just fall into whatever place and I think that’s healthy.”

If nothing else, Swift has a cabal of close friends by her side to help her weather life’s twists and turns.

“I’m a girls’ girl. I have guy friends but the problem with having guy friends is, like, I always get linked to them,” Swift says, in reference to her love life. “And they’ll end up in a slide show of people I’ve apparently dated on the Internet.”

Are you a fan of Taylor Swift? Do you think she has her head screwed on right?

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