‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: A Soon-To-Be Nominated ‘BB21’ Player Won’t Give Up The Fight

Monty BrintonCBS

The Final 3 players for Big Brother 21 will be determined on Thursday night during the live show on CBS. Despite the fact that it seems as if a solid plan for eviction is in place, the person likely headed to the jury isn’t giving up without a big fight.

As The Inquisitr recently shared, Jackson Michie won Power of Veto and made it clear to Cliff Hogg that he’d keep Holly Allen over Cliff. Nicole Anthony is the Head of Household, so she’s safe and Jackson casts the only vote for eviction if he takes himself off the block.

Despite this looking quite dire for the duo, Cliff and Nicole are coming at this from every different direction to try to keep Cliff in the house. They have a very steep hill to climb on this front though since Jackson and Holly are in a showmance together.

Big Brother spoilers indicate that Jackson has told Holly that he’s keeping her no matter what. She doesn’t appear to be particularly worried that he’ll blindside her, nor does it seem as if he’s truly entertaining the possibility.

Despite that, Cliff is talking a lot with Nicole and approaching Jackson frequently with numerous different approaches to try to save himself.

As Big Brother Network notes, Cliff has hammered hard on the idea that he’s desperate to have his family in the audience for finale night, which will only be possible if he’s Final 2. He’s also said quite a bit about how difficult things have been financially for his family recently, noting that the money he’d win by making it to the Final 2 would be a huge deal for them.

Cliff has tried to pressure Jackson over the idea that Jackson is not keeping his word in terms of the deal the two of them previously made. In addition, the two BB21 players have talked about how Nicole was essentially the one focused on trying to keep Tommy over Holly last week, an approach Cliff hopes shows him in a better light.

Nicole has told Cliff to do whatever it takes to avoid eviction, even if it has a negative impact on her. Big Brother spoilers indicate that Jackson has been telling Cliff that he’s considering everything and is struggling, but it seems he may just be stringing Cliff along on this front.

So far, Cliff hasn’t been talking about the final votes with Jackson. However, Big Brother spoilers note that this will probably come up later Wednesday or during the day on Thursday. Cliff and Nicole think they can make some headway by telling Jackson he’ll lose their votes if they’re sent to the jury, whereas Holly on the jury would probably work in his favor.

The duo is also looking to scare Jackson into thinking sitting next to Holly at the Final 2 might put him at a disadvantage when it comes to jury votes. Cliff and Nicole are fighting this with everything they’ve got, but at this point, it seems fairly unlikely that the’ll be successful.

Will it be Jackson Michie and Holly Allen as the Final 2 this season or can Nicole Anthony win the last Head of Household to keep herself in it? Does Cliff Hogg have any shot at avoiding eviction Thursday night? Additional Big Brother spoilers will emerge in the days ahead as the remaining houseguests all do their best to get to that final vote in the September 25 finale.