Spoilers Reveal Scoop Regarding Michael E. Knight’s ‘General Hospital’ Character

Christopher PolkGetty Images for DATG

Soap opera veteran Michael E. Knight is joining the cast of General Hospital and spoilers are starting to emerge about the role he will play. So far, the show has shared very little in terms of what the storyline will be for this fan-favorite All My Children alum. Luckily, it won’t take too much longer for viewers to get their first taste of this cast addition.

Entertainment Weekly shares the first photos of Knight filming on the General Hospital set. Spoilers indicate that the actor’s first scenes will air on September 30 and that his character will be someone capable of all sorts of mayhem.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Knight will be playing a new character, not his old AMC character of Tad Martin and apparently, not an existing GH character. That would torpedo the idea some fans suggested that perhaps he was being brought on as Elizabeth and Hayden’s father, Jeff Webber. Instead, it seems that the actor will be playing someone with more ominous connections.

“There are a number of people in Port Charles who are in trouble and his character will have an impact on how their stories are solved or further complicated,” teases co-head writer Chris Van Etten.

Granted, that could take this storyline in a number of directions. Could he come in to be involved with trying to restore Franco’s real memories? Is he connected to Shiloh, Peter, Cassandra, or Valentin? Could he be the mysterious person who took Cassandra out of the facility months ago when Finn and Anna were trying to deal with her?

The photos shared by EW show Knight in a suit and tie at General Hospital. The actor started filming his scenes on September 10 and his character will cross paths with Valentin to some extent. Right now, there’s no word on how long he will be sticking around Port Charles.

Whatever it is that Van Etten and his fellow co-head writer Dan O’Connor have in mind for this new character, it seems something sparked the idea that Knight might be just the right fit. It also sounds as if this upcoming character could be someone who could become more involved than what viewers will initially see.

“We have lots of ideas on how we can expand his character and cross-pollinate his character,” teases Van Etten.

As The Inquisitr recently noted, Knight most recently joined The Young and the Restless for a relatively short arc. He is beloved by man soap fans for his years playing Tad Martin on All My Children.

Who will Michael E. Knight play when he debuts on General Hospital? Spoilers revealing more insight should emerge soon and fans will be anxious to see where this is headed.