Democratic Senators Reportedly Backing Joe Biden Over Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren

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As previously reported by The Inquisitr, although former Vice President Joe Biden remains the clear Democratic front-runner, both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have made some advances with voters, seemingly peeling off support from their more conservative colleague.

In California, for instance, Biden is tied with Sanders, according to the latest Emerson College polling, as both enjoy the support of 26 percent of California Democrats. Warren is a close second, having managed to amass the support of 20 percent of the California primary electorate.

Senate Democrats stand strongly with the former vice president, however.

Biden’s perceived conservatism is earning him praise and quiet endorsements of Democrats in the United States Senate, according to a new report from The Hill.

Publicly endorsed by five Senate Democrats — more than any other candidate in the race — Biden reportedly enjoys the support of his colleagues in the upper chamber, many of whom are reportedly hoping he maintains his commanding lead and wins the Democratic nomination.

According to a Democratic senator who spoke anonymously to The Hill, a number of senators publicly neutral about the race are supportive of Biden namely because they disagree with Sanders and Warren’s more progressive proposals.

“Ideologically, they’re definitely more with Biden. Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, the wealth tax — the list is long,” the senator said of his colleagues.

Another Democratic senator who also requested anonymity argued that even if Sanders or Warren manage to win the nomination and subsequently the presidency, they will not only face opposition from Republicans but from their colleagues in the Democratic Party.

“We’re not going to just do what they ask because they ask,” the senator said, arguing that progressive policy proposals would encounter strong opposition from many Democrats in the Senate.

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders Joe Biden, and Warren interact on stage.
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According to Dianne Feinstein of California, who has officially endorsed Biden for president, the United States is a centrist country, which is why both the Senate and the broader electorate agree with Biden’s positions on most issues.

“If you ask me to weigh the entire Senate, the answer is yes. And if you ask me to weigh America, I actually think America is a pretty centrist country,” she said.

Another prominent Biden backer, Sen. Christopher Coons of Delaware, described the former vice president’s vision as “pragmatic,” arguing that a moderate like the current front-runner would have the best chances of defeating Donald Trump.

“I think having Joe Biden as our nominee will not only make it more likely that we will defeat Trump in 2020 but also make it more likely that we will have a Democratic majority in the Senate,” he said.

As The New York Times recently pointed out, policy proposals such as socialized healthcare, tuition-free college, and higher taxes on the wealthy enjoy broad support among voters, many of whom nevertheless report support for what they perceive to be incrementalism and moderation.