Melania Trump Reveals Recent White House Renovations In Advance Of State Dinner

Melania Trump has been busy sprucing up the White House ahead of a visit from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in what will be Donald Trump's second official state dinner since becoming president, Fox News reported this morning.

The First Lady has refreshed the older features in several rooms in the East Wing, known as the Red, Blue, and Green rooms, which reportedly see a great deal of foot traffic during the busier tourist seasons. The 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue address sees around half a million tourists each year, not including dignitaries and other guests.

"The White House does get a lot of wear and tear," White House Historical Association President Stewart McLaurin told Fox News, sharing that the Red Room's trademark red fabric had become so bleached from exposure to the sun that it was almost pink.

"Those rooms should always look their very best and it was just very faded and really, really needed to be done."

Mrs. Trump, who The Inquisitr recently reported is well on top of her fashion A-game, has been quite active in managing the aesthetics of the White House. In the past, she's expressed her gratitude for living in what she described as a "true symbol of our nation's history."

"Our family is grateful to live in this true symbol of our nation's history, but we are even more honored to play a part in restoring and enhancing our country's sacred landmark, but we are even more honored to play a part in restoring and enhancing our country's sacred landmark," she said.

Getty Images | Alex Wong

The current First Lady even took on a project started by the previous First Lady, Michelle Obama, back in 2013, returning furniture from the Bellangé collection back to the Blue Room. President James Monroe brought the well-known furniture to the White House in 1817, but it was auctioned off a few decades later in 1860. The White House has since reacquired 10 pieces of the collection, with McLaurin describing the remaining pieces as being "lost to history".

A new addition was made to the Diplomatic Reception Room -- commissioned by the First Lady herself -- in the form of a rug bordered by the flowers of each of America's 50 states. Reupholstering the chairs in this room is a task that remains on the to-do list for now. Other touches include the renovation of an elevator that shuttles the president to and from the White House's private living quarters and the revamping of a bowling alley that was installed back in the days of Richard Nixon.