September 18, 2019
Republicans Reportedly Fear Donald Trump Is Losing Support In Key Battleground State

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, opinion polls have consistently and unambiguously suggested that Democratic front-runners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are set to beat President Donald Trump, who appears to be a uniquely vulnerable incumbent with fragile support.

Whoever wins the Democratic nomination, however, will have to perform well in the three swing states which carried Trump to victory in 2016: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Democratic 2016 contender and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton famously underperformed in all three.

As Business Insider put it, "Wisconsin is such a solidly blue state that Hillary Clinton didn't feel the need to campaign there in her general-election battle against Donald Trump."

According to a new report from Politico, Republicans fear Trump is losing Wisconsin and sounding the alarm bells. Whoever the Democratic nominee is, they claim, they will not repeat Clinton's mistake.

"For the president to win Wisconsin again, he's not going to have the free ride he had last time. He's not going to have Hillary Clinton sitting on her hands. He's going to have a completely engaged opposition party on the ground," former executive director of the Wisconsin Republican Party Brandon Scholz said.

In 2016, little more than 20,000 votes swung Wisconsin — a state that had not voted Republican for president since 1984 — to the right, and the support could melt away come November 2020, according to some Republicans.

According to Politico, which interviewed two dozen activists and operatives involved in local politics, Republicans are growing increasingly concerned that Trump is losing in Wisconsin's suburban areas, where voters appear to be worried about his style of governance.

Seemingly aware of the fragility of Trump's support, in an apparent acknowledgment of Clinton's 2016 failures, the Democratic National Convention placed its nominating convention in Milwaukee, in hopes to galvanize voters and boost turnout.

The Democrats' ground game in the state has also improved, according to Waukesha County Democratic Party Chair Matt Lowe.

"I know if we get 40 percent we almost guarantee a Democrat a victory statewide. We're seeing so many volunteers every day that I don't think 40 percent is a total pipe dream," he explained.

However, some Wisconsin GOP operatives believe conservative-leaning voters opposed to the president will vote for him after realizing they have more in common with Trump supporters than with Democrats.

Winning the votes of rural Wisconsinites will also be crucial for Trump, and according to Republican strategist Brian Reisinger, the president enjoys the support of local farmers.

"They trust the president to stick it to China the way nobody has in the past," he said.