'Killer Clown' Reportedly Terrifies Child At Bus Stop, Shouting 'I'm Going To Get You'

Parents in Brentford, a town in the west London borough of Hounslow, England, have been warned by local authorities to remain vigilant for a man walking around in a "killer clown" mask after he terrified a boy on the way to school by shouting the words "I'm going to get you," MyLondon reported.

The encounter happened when the schoolchild disembarked from the bus Travelodge at Kew Bridge at 8 a.m Tuesday morning.

Lionel Road Primary School sent a message out to parents stating that they'd received a report from local authorities that a pupil from another local primary school was shouted at and then chased by man on the opposite side of the road and that the police were contacted immediately.

The parents of the local school were unimpressed by the masked man's antics, with one mother describing them as "sick."

"I was shocked, as a parent you don't expect this to happen so close to home. It's traumatizing for a child, at primary school age. I take my son to school every day and pick him up. I'd never allow him to walk to school by himself, not with all the crime in the area, you never know what could happen. It's really disturbing... the person who's done it is just sick."

A scary clown mask on a shop display
Getty Images | Scott Olson

It's unclear at this stage which school the child attended. The other two schools in the area that are served by the bus stop, Green Dragon Primary School and St Paul's Church of England Primary School, were both unwilling to comment on the incident. A Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed that the police had been called. After officers spoke with the child, their parents and school staff, they confirmed that there was no chase — part of the school memo was inaccurate. The student had simply run off because he was scared by the mask.

MSN reported that School Watch system had sent out an announcement that the man wearing the clown mask is thought to be in his early 30s and of mixed race. This means it us unlikely to be the retired military veteran The Inquisitr reported on a couple of years ago, who provides a service whereby he dons the same type of clown mask and scares kids for a modest fee. Wrinkles the Clown retired to Florida to avoid New England's bitter winters. He has his own 'killer clown' phone number and is said to be notoriously frightening, especially for misbehaving children.