Netflix Tattoo Gets Man One Year Of Streaming Free

Netflix streaming

One Twitter user loves Netflix so much that he got a tattoo of the company logo on his back and tweeted it to all of his friends. The tweet was seen by the right people, and he was granted one free year of Netflix by the company.

Now before you run out the door and get a Netflix tattoo on the slim chance that you might be able to replicate @TheRealMyron’s success, it’s never gonna happen (but no one has tried it with Hulu Plus yet so far as we know, wink wink).

Anyway, “Myron” got a tattoo of the Netflix logo, set amid paisleys of all things, and tweeted a pic.

That tweet was picked up and retweeted over 100 times, and word eventually got back to Netflix. They responded (via Twitter, mind you) that they were so impressed they’d be giving Myron a year of free streaming from Netflix.

He excitedly shot back that he had inspired a movement.

Slow down, though. As Daily Dot points out “The only catch is it’ll probably cost more than shelling out for a year of Netflix, and there’s no guarantee it’ll work for you.”

In all likelihood, you’d be left with what Gawker has called “Free Netflix for a Year, Free Regret for a Lifetime.”

But you know, we can’t help but be happy for @TheRealMyron. He loves Netflix, he wanted to show some support, he’ll be watching Arrested Development for free while I pay my measly $8 a month for it.

I’m just worried about the copycats who will probably be left with a Netflix tattoo they didn’t want (unlike Myron) and no free Netflix. Think before you ink, people.