NFL Rumors: Miami Dolphins Closing In On Trade For Minkah Fitzpatrick

Mark BrownGetty Images

Minkah Fitzpatrick wants out of Miami, and that could be happening very soon.

The Dolphins first-round pick in 2018 made it clear that he wants out of the rebuilding Dolphins, asking the team for a trade that now appears close to happening. As the Miami Herald reported, the team is close to closing out a deal for the safety, which will likely be completed sometime in the coming days.

The report noted that in the rebuilding season, Minkah Fitzpatrick more than likely played his final game for the Dolphins in the 43-0 blowout loss to the New England Patriots. While there had been reports immediately after the Dolphins blowout loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 1 that several Dolphins players had asked for trades, not wanting to endure the dismal rebuilding season, Fitzpatrick’s dismay with the team appears to be more personal.

Though Fitzpatrick is naturally a safety, the Dolphins coaching staff has been shifting him throughout the defense. On Sunday, they lined him up as a safety, linebacker, and nickel cornerback. Reports noted that Fitzpatrick was upset with what appears to be a lack of a clear plan for what role he will play on the team, and Fitzpatrick struggled in Week 1 outside of his natural position.

There would likely be more struggles ahead for Fitzpatrick should he stay in Miami. The Dolphins have been open about the pains that will come from the team’s rebuilding period, and team owner Stephen Ross said on Sunday that they were aware of the difficulties that would come from building the team back up from scratch. Ross said this is the only way to turn the team back into a winner.

“We said it wouldn’t be easy, but it was something we are committed to and believe it’s the only way we can build a team to win continually,” he said. “Nothing great in life was ever achieved easily.”

Though the Miami Herald report noted that the Dolphins are close to completing a deal for Fitzpatrick, it’s not clear who the trade partner might be or what the Dolphins are getting in return. As The Inquisitr reported, Miami was firm in asking for a first-round pick in exchange for Fitzpatrick, after having just used a first-rounder on him in 2018. The Dallas Cowboys were reportedly in talks with the Dolphins earlier in the week, though some characterized that as the Cowboys doing their due diligence on a player who could bring some secondary help.