Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Farrah Abraham Apologizes For 9/11 Gaffe, ‘I Don’t Think I Know My Name Sometime”

After her most recent faux pas, perhaps Farrah Abraham should consider using a script when speaking on record. Mistaking 9/11 for 7-Eleven and then posting her excursion to the Freedom Towers anyway caused plenty of backlash. Although the former Teen Mom OG eventually took down that Instagram upload, the reality star told TMZ she was sorry about the “mistake” but she was “having a blonde moment” — and then it happened again.

“We definitely enjoyed 9/11. That was the first time I got to go,” said Farrah, with her daughter standing by her side.

The pair were on yet another expedition, this time in Hollywood. Farrah and Sophia were checking out the Walk of Fame stars since apparently, her mom thinks the 10-year-old will receive one someday. That’s when TMZ caught up with the two, asking what happened.

“I think my heart was in the right space… I think with no makeup. I was super tired. September went to another thing…”

Then Farrah turned to Sophia to find out how she felt about the experience at One World Trade Center.

“It was super tall,” remarked the child, who was wearing massive stars in her pierced ears about the world’s tallest building. The child was also rocking a glittery top for the walk around Hollywood that Farrah said will be part of a new video blog.

When told that some people felt Farrah was trying to use the visit to the Freedom Towers by using the 2001 terrorist attack as a promotional tool, she said that was simply not true. She stated that the video from that day was part of their daily life, and she simply confused the moment, saying it was “very much an accident.”

“I’m human. What a shock Oh my god. I’m human.”

Meanwhile, on September 8, just days before the September 11 anniversary, Farrah uploaded another Instagram post, as reported by The Inquisitr.

The source said that “some fans seemed to be scratching their metaphorical heads” after the former Teen Mom OG shared an image in which she and her child looked like they were posing.

They did so in front of what appeared to be the Eiffel tower “while Farrah held onto a trio of Louis Vuitton shopping bags. Meanwhile, the geotag for the upload said New York, New York instead of Paris, France.”

In the shot, Sophia was rocking extremely large and very rugged boots, causing confusion among Farrah’s Instagram followers.

“This is the least disturbing thing about both of them, but what is with the photoshopped combat boot,” asked one follower who seemed to sum up the entire situation.

With that being said and discussed, Farrah Abraham’s antics with Sophia by her side are apparently not going to stop. They also seem to be of interest to her fans as evidenced by the fact that this former reality star does command a large following of some 2.2 million interested parties.

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