Jennifer Capriati Arrest Warrant Sought

Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati could face an arrest warrant after an altercation at a gym last month.

The former tennis pro allegedly attacked her ex-boyfriend during an argument on Valentine’s Day. Capriati might be staring down an arrest warrant as a result.

The North Palm Beach Police Department is reportedly seeking the warrant after Capriati punched her ex-boyfriend several times in the chest. She could face battery and stalking charges for the assault.

The incident took place inside the Oxygen Health and Fitness gym in North Palm Beach. Capriati saw ex-boyfriend Ivan Brannan at the gym and proceeded to strike up a conversation. However, it didn’t take long for things to turn sour.

After getting into an argument near one of the gym’s locker rooms, the former tennis pro reportedly punched Brannan in the chest several times. A yoga instructor said people intervened in the attack. Once Brannan was able to get free, he called 911 from inside the locker room.

Jennifer Capriati reportedly fled the scene of the crime in her car. However, police eventually caught up with her a few miles away from the gym. Although she was questioned by officers, they decided to let her go.

The Palm Beach County State Attorney will now decide if the altercation between Branna and Capriati will result in an arrest warrant for the tennis player.

A spokesperson for the State Attorney’s Office has refused to comment on the situation. Jennifer Capriati’s attorney has also declined to comment on the arrest warrant.

Ivan Brannan previously sought a restraining order against Jennifer Capriati after she allegedly called his job around 100 times in one day.

Unfortunately, this isn’t Capriati’s first brush with the law. The former tennis pro was issued a citation for shoplifting back in 1993 after being accused of stealing a ring from a mall vendor. Capriati returned the ring when confronted by mall security.

It’s currently unknown when or if Jennifer Capriati will be served with an arrest warrant.

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