WWE News: ‘SmackDown Live’ Superstar Says There’s No One Else Like Her On Roster

The biggest stars in WWE stand out from the pack. To make it to the top of the ladder, wrestlers need to possess unique qualities that connect with fans and separate them from their colleagues. In WWE, there are many wrestlers with individual characteristics just biding their time, hoping that they’re given an opportunity to run with the torch and show what they’re really capable of. Ember Moon is one of those wrestlers.

The SmackDown Live superstar is one of the most talented performers in the current SmackDown Live women’s division, but with the exception of a title match against Bayley at this year’s SummerSlam, she hasn’t been given a chance to shine on the main roster. Regardless of her midcard position, though, Moon believes that she’s one of a kind.

In an interview with RondaRousey.com, Moon revealed that she doesn’t aspire to be like any other performer. She admitted that it did, however, take her a while to come to this realization, after spending years trying to mold herself in what she perceived to be WWE’s vision for women wrestlers.

“I want to be the first Ember Moon. There’s no one like me. I’m cut from a different cloth, but it’s because I chose to be that way. I remember at one point in my career thinking, ‘Oh, I need to be sexy.’ I think I wore chaps at one point in time. It’s a [sic] not a good thing. I thought I needed to be the next Diva.”

During the interview, Moon also compared Bayley to “Macho Man” Randy Savage and claimed that, because of her own absence of family members in the business, it makes the Ember Moon character more of a unique entity. The family comment sounds like a reference to Charlotte Flair, who is the daughter of Ric Flair and one of the biggest stars on SmackDown Live.

Despite Moon’s unique qualities, she still needs to prove herself to the chairman of the company. As The Inquisitr recently noted, Vince McMahon apparently doesn’t rate the superstar. If he isn’t a fan, then it’s difficult for them to grab the proverbial brass ring.

In NXT, Moon was one of the most popular performers on the black and gold brand and she regularly competed in critically acclaimed matches. Her in-ring style also makes her stand out from other wrestlers, but she’s only been allowed to show glimpses of her true potential since being called up to the main brands.

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