Connecticut Police Using Cadaver Dogs To Aid In Search For Missing Woman Jennifer Dulos

The search for 50-year-old Connecticut mother of five, Jennifer Dulos, is moving forward despite the fact that law enforcement no longer believes they will locate her alive. Just last week, Jennifer’s estranged husband and one of the prime suspects in the case, Fotis Dulos, pleaded not guilty to his second tampering with evidence charge. In a recent interview for Dateline, Fotis said he had nothing to do with his estranged wife’s disappearance and also believes that she is still alive. While Fotis may know something the police don’t, it appears that now investigators are looking only for Jennifer’s remains, according to The New York Post.

Last week, cadaver dogs were brought in to assist in the search for a body. The dogs scoured the area in and around the reservoirs in West Hartford, Connecticut, which is close to where Fotis had been living with his girlfriend in his mansion. Thus far, investigators have found nothing.

Jennifer was last seen dropping off her kids at school on May 24 and hasn’t been heard from since. On the night that she was officially declared a missing person, police found her blood splattered on her garage floor. They believe her estranged husband was lying in wait for her to come home that night, attacked her, and then disposed of the evidence with the help of his girlfriend and fellow suspect, Michelle Troconis. However, because there is not yet enough evidence to confirm this, this remains a missing person investigation.

On the night Jennifer went missing, two people highly resembling Fotis and Troconis were captured on video surveillance driving around and depositing trash bags into various dumpsters. The bags were later found to contain Jennifer’s bloody clothes. Both Troconis and Fotis have been arrested twice now in connection with the case. They are facing two charges of tampering with evidence and one other charge of interfering with the investigation. They are both out on bail and have both pleaded not guilty to all charges. The second tampering with evidence charge was handed down when a blood-like substance containing Jennifer’s DNA was found in one of Fotis’ vehicles.

Despite how guilty Fotis looks, his lawyer Norm Pattis insists police have this case all wrong, as The Inquisitr has previously reported. Pattis has asked for the release of Jennifer’s medical records, insisting they would shed light on why she may have staged her own disappearance.

“The billing records and coding are consistent with pregnancy testing, as well as testing that would have been required before treating for life-threatening or terminal illnesses that would require chemotherapy, radiation, and other similarly toxic treatments,” the recent court filing issued by Pattis read.

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