74-Year-Old ‘World’s Oldest Mother’ And Husband, 82, Both In Intensive Care One Week After Welcoming Twins

An ambulance arrives at a hospital.
Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

A 74-year-old woman dubbed the “World’s Oldest Mother” after welcoming twins last week is now in intensive care after suffering a stroke — and she has just been joined there by her 82-year-old husband, who suffered a heart attack.

As The Inquisitr reported, Erramatti Mangayamma gave birth to twin babies in her native India back on September 5, in what was called a “medical miracle.” But as The Daily Mail reported, the situation quickly turned dire as the elderly woman suffered a stroke shortly after going into labor and had to be taken to intensive care. Sitarama Raja Rao, the twins’ father, joined her the following day in intensive care after he collapsed and suffered a heart attack.

As The Sun noted, Sitarama had spoken about how ecstatic he was to have welcomed the baby girls into the world just one day before his heart attack.

“Due to the grace of God and doctors, I am the proud father of two baby girls,” he said in a statement after the birth. “We are the happiest couple on earth today.”

The expectant mother had been admitted to the hospital back in January so she could be monitored by a team of doctors after becoming pregnant through in-vitro fertilization. But the stress of three hours of labor took a toll on Erramatti, who reportedly suffered a stroke and has been in the hospital’s intensive care unit for the last week since her twin babies were born.

Because Erramatti had already gone through menopause more than two decades ago, fertility doctors used an egg from another donor and fertilized it with her husband’s sperm. Doctors said that Erramatti conceived in her first cycle, and the pregnancy was confirmed back in January.

The couple said they had considered adopting, but doctors who examined Erramatti said she was in good physical condition and would be a candidate for IVF. But there was some controversy at the time, The Sun noted, as doctors did not know the woman’s true age. Her husband had reportedly lied to say she was 10 years younger, which left her obstetrician angered when he discovered that she was 74-years-old.

“It was only by chance, after she conceived, that her husband let out accidentally to one of the nurses her real age. I was livid,” the doctor said.

Others have criticized the couple for welcoming the babies into the world when they likely will not be able to see them grow up.

The mother’s family has said that if anything should happen to her, they would take care of the baby girls.