September 14, 2019
'Shameless' Season 10 Trailer Drops Gallavich Breakup Bombshell & Fans Are Fuming

Showtime recently dropped the official Shameless Season 10 trailer. As The Inquisitr previously reported, the trailer came with a wealth of bad news for fans. For starters, the network pushed the premiere date back from November 3rd to November 10th. The delayed premiere, however, wasn't what sent fans into an angry frenzy.

Among the many frames in the less than two minute Season 10 trailer, one showed an emotional scene between Mickey (Noel Fisher) and Ian (Cameron Monaghan). The short scene suggested Ian was buckling under the pressure of the close quarters behind bars and wanted some space. By the time the scene was over, fans grew worried the relationship between the duo would come to an end.

"Are you dumping me?" Mickey exclaimed before the scene ended.

As The Inquisitr has mentioned in several different pieces, the revival of Gallavich -- the fan favorite couple of the series -- is one of the highlights of Season 10 that viewers are looking forward to above all else. So, it doesn't come as too much of a surprise that fans weren't happy to watch a trailer with a Gallavich breakup bombshell in it.

On the official Shameless Instagram page, the trailer has been viewed just shy of 200,000 times with nearly 10 percent of the viewers dropping a comment. The overwhelming majority of the comments refuse to discuss anything other than the emotional Gallavich scene.

"If they break up i'm calling my lawyer," one follower penned in a comment that has been liked just shy of 600 times with over 12 replies in agreement.

Another chimed in: "They can't break up again omg let them be happy for once."

Several other followers also suggested they were going to "call a lawyer" and "sue" if the writers took Gallavich away from them again.

A few fans of the series pointed out that Mickey and Ian have had enough breakups.

"If y'all think it's a good idea to bring Mickey back just to have them fight, I'll tell you something. ITS NOT. So they better be getting along or nobody is gonna be watching," a fan chimed in as they noted it didn't make sense for the writers to bring Fisher back into the cast just to split him and Ian up.

"GALLAVICH FOREVER DONT BREAK THEM UP," a second follower exclaimed in all capital letters.

Instagram wasn't the only social media platform fans scurried to so they could discuss the future of Gallavich. While most reacted to the scene with negativity, there were some that remained hopeful.

One Twitter user suggested the writers of Shameless were likely making it seem as if Mickey and Ian were going to break up just to get fans excited for the new season.
In a NSFW tweet, another individual noted that the angst of the scene in the trailer was just part of the Gallavich charm. Ian and Mickey are known to get angry with each other, fight, and then have a passionate make-up scene.
On both Twitter and Instagram, several fans also pointed out it wouldn't be the first time Mickey and Ian broke up and got back together.
Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until Shameless Season 10 premieres in November to find out how things will go down between Ian and Mickey.