Jessa Duggar Delights Fans And Her Sister Jinger With Photos Of Ben Seewald’s Unique New Facial Hair

Jessa Duggar’s husband has lost his beard, and she has a lot of feelings about it.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jessa recently returned to Instagram after a lengthy absence. Since then, she’s delighted her followers with numerous updates on her family of five, but the spotlight is on her husband, Ben Seewald, in her latest post.

On Friday, Jessa shared a few photos of Ben’s new look with her 2.1 million followers. The Counting On star’s Instagram post included a slideshow of five different snapshots showing Ben with a perfectly manicured handlebar mustache, instead of the lengthy facial hair he’d been sporting for the past year. In some of the images, Ben is posing with his children. Ivy Jane, the baby of the Seewald family, doesn’t seem too impressed with her dad’s retro facial hair. However, her older brother Henry looks like he’s pretty delighted by it.

Jessa and Ben’s oldest son Spurgeon doesn’t make an appearance in any of the pictures, but Jessa revealed that the 3-year-old did not support his dad’s decision to say bye-bye to his beard.

“Henry likes it. Ivy’s like ‘Meh.’ Spurgeon said ‘Put your beard back on!'” Jessa wrote of her kids’ reactions to Ben’s new look.

Jessa explained Ben’s decision to get rid of his Grizzly Man-style beard, revealing that her husband was putting too much time and effort into maintaining it. She shared a lengthy list of everything Ben had to do to take care of his facial hair, including using “special beard shampoos,” beard wax, beard oil, and a beard comb. She also revealed that Ben had to devote a lot of time to “trimming, shaping, and fading.”

“No man wants a routine that requires him to spend more time on his hair than his wife is spending on hers,” Jessa wrote.

Her post hilariously referenced the Declaration of Independence, and it included a list of the benefits of having a beard. Jessa also confessed that she was a fan of her husband’s much hairier old look.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that beards can be great things. They can help protect the skin from harmful UV rays, as well as wind, chafing and traumatic injury,” she wrote. “Big beards can be very attractive and handsome. He liked it, I loved it.”

However, her younger sister, Jinger Duggar, revealed that she prefers the handlebar mustache that Ben is currently sporting.

“I vote to keep the ‘stache!” Jinger wrote. “It’s a nice look!”

Jessa and Jinger aren’t the only ones who have feelings about Ben’s new face furniture. Quite a few of Jessa’s followers sided with Jinger by confessing that they actually kind of like Ben’s fancy upper lip warmer.

“Oh I like it. Very classic Victorian! Give him a top hat and suit now,” wrote one fan.

“The mustache suits him. Not many could pull it off,” another wrote.

So that fans could compare Ben’s current look to his old one, Jessa shared two snapshots of him rocking the beard that is no more. In one of the images, he’s trying on sunglasses.

Unfortunately for Jinger and the Duggar fans who like Ben’s new mustache, it’s only a temporary look. Jessa revealed that Ben experimented with a few different facial hair styles as he slowly removed his beard before he finally settled on the handlebar ‘stache. However, he only plans on keeping it for a day or two before completely shaving his face. After that, he’s going to go back to rocking a short beard that’s easier to maintain.

But who knows? After seeing all of the positive reactions to his distinguished and gentlemanly mustache, maybe Ben will change his mind and decide to keep it.

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