Jessa Duggar Returns To Social Media With Adorable Photos Of Ivy Jane & Her Older Brothers

It’s been a little over a month since Jessa Duggar has been seen on social media, but it looks like her short hiatus is over. She is back sharing photos of her kids. Fans have been anxious to see some current pictures of her and Ben Seewald’s youngest, Ivy Jane, and the reality star delivered.

Taking to her Instagram account on Monday, Jessa threw up a couple of sweet snapshots of not only her baby girl, but also her two boys, Spurgeon, 3, and Henry, 2. The three siblings are seen in the first one sitting on a couch with Ivy lying down between her older brothers. Spurgeon looks a bit unsure of it all, while Henry appears to be trying to give his little sister a kiss.

The second photo has Duggar fans totally captivated. The almost 3-month-old is propped up on a soft fluffy pillow wearing a pink silk dress with a flowery pattern all over. She is wearing a green head wrap as well. The color is reminiscent of Ivy’s name. The outfit is adorable on her, but it’s her expression that has caught plenty of attention.

Ivy Jane is looking up at the camera with her huge dark eyes that have fans convinced that she looks just like her cousin, Felicity. Jinger’s baby girl has those same large eyes and has been seen many times with that similar look on her face.

One person said, “Oh my gosh, she looks like felicity! I hope you get a picture of them together soon!”

One thing is for sure, everyone is glad to have Jessa Duggar back on social media sharing her family with them. As The Inquisitr had previously reported, fans had been a bit worried about the mom-of-three when she failed to post anything on her Instagram for over a month. There were a few photos in June and early July, but then she had stopped sharing anything after July 10. While that may not be quite so unusual for other members of the Duggar family, fans thought that maybe something was wrong since she has always been more active on Instagram.

Her family took the time to say that Jessa was a busy mom these days and that nothing was wrong. Maybe the Counting On star caught wind of how much she was missed and decided to start sharing again.

Fans are eager to see a lot more family updates from Jessa Duggar, now that she seems to be back to posting on Instagram. The Seewald family will also be back on screen for another season of TLC’s Counting On, which is expected to make its way back to the network in October.

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