Adam Sandler Stars In Frank Coraci’s Next Movie

Adam Sandler will star in Frank Coraci’s next movie.

Adam Sandler and Frank Coraci will team up once again. The two have worked together several times before, such as in The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, and Click. The next time Frank and Adam Sandler collaborate will be for a blind date comedy film.

Other films Frank Coraci has helmed were Around the World in 80 Days with Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan, and Zookeeper, with Kevin James and Rosario Dawson. Around the World in 80 Days was considered a box office failure, and the last Kevin James film he directed was Here Comes the Boom.

Adam Sandler has always been known as a hit comedy star, having been in more memorable comedy films than probably even fellow Saturday Night Live alumni Will Farrell. Bill Murray is likely the only comedian to compare with Sandler for sheer number of box office hits.

Since starring in Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler has had his own production company which mashes the titles of the two films together (Happy Madison).

Sandler’s films have seen cameos from some of the more infamous comedians known to film, such as Rodney Dangerfield (Little Nicky), Rob Schneider, and Chris Farley (Billy Madison), as well as some actors not known for comedy or in some cases even film (Bob Barker, Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Henry Winkler).

Frank Coraci makes an appearance as the title character in Sandler’s video for “The Lonesome Kicker.”

The story of Adam Sandler’s latest film directed by Frank Coraci is that Sandler’s character is on a blind date that goes horribly wrong, and gets worse and worse. Eventually the two end up stuck in a family resort with their children from previous marriages.

Adam Sandler is rumored to want to reunite with The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates costar Drew Barrymore for this film. The filmmakers are hoping to find a female lead soon so production can begin this May.

Are you excited for Adam Sandler and Frank Coraci’s next movie?