Tomi Lahren Says Americans Need To Be ‘Armed And Ready’ For Immigrants

During a recent interview with Fox Business, Media Matters for America reports that conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren again stirred controversy with her comments on the necessity of the Second Amendment and her approach to dealing with increased immigration.

Lahren highlighted that the government can’t protect every American all the time and suggests that the public putting their safety into the hands of the government is a recipe for failure. In response, host Stuart Varney said that one of the things he likes about America is that armed citizens are allowed in case the government “gets out of line.”

“That makes America unique,” he said. “It’s one of the things that really appeals to me about America. And you never hear about that.”

In response, Lahren said that this liberty is what Second Amendment activists seek to remind people — that it’s the right of every American to “protect and defend yourself and your family.” She then suggested that the people of Texas, South Dakota, and the middle of the U.S. are ready to face off against the Democrats’ attempt to increase immigration.

“We are going to be armed and ready, because we have to have a means to defend ourselves from — who knows who’s coming in? That’s the thing, we don’t know, and we have to be able to protect ourselves.”

Lahren is no stranger to controversy and is open about her support of abortion, her opposition to gun control, and her belief in small government. Per The Inquisitr, she recently drew criticism for admitting that her clothing line, “Freedom,” is made in China. As Lahren has argued in the past for American companies to produce their products in America, the revelation was seen by many to be an example of her hypocrisy on the subject.

According to Amy Robbins, the CEO of Alexo Athletica, makers of the activewear brand with Lahren, the company made the decision based on labor costs and increased regulations. She claims they are working to bring their manufacturing to the United States at some point in the future.

“We’re working diligently to bring our manufacturing back home to the U.S. and work with other hardworking companies that pride themselves on integrity and quality,” Robbins said in a statement, per The Daily Beast.

Before Robbins’ statement, freelance writer Robyn Pennacchia released information that suggested that Alexo Athletica made their clothing in China, which prompted criticism and sparked many hashtags that poked fun of Lahren’s decision to create her clothing outside of the U.S.

Editor’s note:Lahren later tweeted to clarify her remarks.

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