Brody Jenner Gets Into Huge Fight With Brandon Lee About Caitlyn Jenner In Deleted 'Hills' Scene

Brody Jenner and Brandon Lee got into a huge shouting match on The Hills: New Beginnings, but the scene didn't make it to air. MTV posted the deleted scene, titled "We're Different People," which was shot during the finale of The Hills reboot.

In the scene, Brody and Brandon meet up at the beach in Malibu. After Brandon reveals he is sad about his recent breakup with his girlfriend Ashley and talks about how he reconciled with his dad, rock star Tommy Lee, he asks Brody how things are going with his dad, Caitlyn Jenner.

Brody says he has no plans to "rush" to call his dad to fix their strained relationship because it's not bothering him. Brandon points out that Brody encouraged him to repair his relationship with his dad Tommy — the father and son made headlines for a physical altercation last year — yet he won't do it with his own.

That's when Brody reveals that he is "used" to making up with his dad, only to get disappointed again.

"We've already had the conversations. We've already done everything to repair this relationship. The wedding was the final straw," Brody says, referencing his dad's decision to skip his wedding to Kaitlynn Carter last year.

The conversation ends with Brody telling Brandon he's not being a good friend because he's not listening to him. The son of Pamela Anderson storms off the beach as Brody tells him, "Thanks a lot I'll figure it out…with no help from you."

You can see the deleted scene from The Hills: New Beginnings below.

While he is the youngest member of The Hills cast, Brandon Lee has sometimes been the most mature cast member and has even played peacemaker on the show. The 23-year-old actor helped mend a rift between Brody and cast member Stephanie Pratt.

Brandon previously told Town and Country that it was Brody who got him involved in The Hills: New Beginnings. The actor revealed that he knew Brody from growing up in Malibu, and they have been friends for years. It was Brody who called Brandon to pitch him a role on the MTV reboot.

The deleted scene was not the first time Brandon talked about his dad Caitlyn's decision to skip his wedding in Indonesia last year. Earlier in the season, Brody complained about Caitlin's no-show status, saying his dad had better things to do. Sadly, Brody's marriage to Carter is already over as the two announced their split last month. On The Hills finale, which was taped last December, Brody defended his marriage to Carter and said they were extremely happy, as reported by The Inquisitr.

The Hills: New Beginnings has been renewed for a second season on MTV.