September 13, 2019
Donald Trump Mistakenly Refers To 'Mike Pounce' During His Baltimore Retreat And Twitter's Got Jokes

Thursday night, President Donald Trump gave a speech at the annual Republican retreat dinner that took place in Baltimore, Maryland. The president covered a lot of different topics, but Twitter went wild after he flubbed one person's name. As soon as Trump referred to "Mike Pounce," the social media jokes began.

The flub came when Trump was talking about meeting with a number of people earlier in the day to discuss issues related to ethanol and the farmers. He mentioned that Senators Chuck Grassley, Joni Ernst, and John Thune were there, and he also said that "Mike Pounce" was there.

Many across social media thought that Trump had just referred to Vice President Mike Pence as Mike "Pounce." As The Week points out, it was likely South Dakota Republican Senator Mike Rounds that was the actual subject of this speaking flub.

Reuters notes that Trump did have a meeting at the White House on Thursday with a handful of senators from "key farm states."

Given that description, it certainly fits that Ernst and Grassley from Iowa along with Thune from South Dakota were there. Considering that group, it makes sense that it would be Rounds who was there, too.

"Gather round the old tire fire, my grandchildren, and let me tell you how the apocalypse began, with a story about Mike Pounce, Tim Apple, and the hurricane that wasn't going to hit Alabama," quipped attorney Max Kennerly via his Twitter page.

"I guess the White House has to spend the next 11 days finding some guy named Mike Pounce to cover up for Trump misspeaking last night. Pounce if you're out there, make that $!" quipped another person on Twitter.

"Mike Pence's next tweet, 'My nickname in middle school was Mike Pounce, and I gave OUR VERY HEALTHY president the blessing to call me that, I FULLY support the president Pls don't fire me,'" joked someone else who went with the idea that it was the Vice President's name that Trump flubbed.

As The Inquisitr recently noted, this isn't the only recent example of the president misspeaking that has generated a frenzy on social media in recent days. As Trump was speaking from the White House earlier this week about his plans to deal with the escalating vaping issues, he seemingly referred to his son Barron as solely Melania's son, not his.

Some people across social media have voiced some concerns over the seemingly escalating frequency of the speaking issues coming from President Donald Trump. His supporters tend to brush these off, while others use these opportunities to simply focus on making jokes.

So far, it doesn't appear that the White House has reached out to clarify who Trump was referring to when he mentioned "Mike Pounce."