September 12, 2019
'Teen Mom OG' Amber Portwood Reportedly Caught On Tape Verbally Abusing Boyfriend Andrew Glennon

For the past several weeks, Andrew Glennon and Amber Portwood have been embroiled in some major drama. Today, the feud appears to come to an absolutely explosive head, as YouTuber Katie Joy of the channel "Without A Crystal Ball" just broadcasted allegedly leaked audio from Portwood's home.

It should be noted that the video has not yet been verified. However, should the audio prove to be authentic, it would likely validate Glennon's claims and raise new questions about Portwood's character.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Andrew had previously accused Amber of both physically and emotionally abusing their 1-year-old son, James. In an Instagram story, Glennon claimed that the Indiana native "attacked my son and I [sic]" on several occasions and punished the two with a "landslide of abuse" over the past year.

The reportedly leaked audio shows such emotional abuse, including Amber making fun of the thought of beating Andrew up and even making physical threats.

The video begins with Katie Joy explaining the background of the audio. The YouTuber started by telling her viewers that she had spoken with Glennon last week to get his side of the story. However, he was soon advised by his attorney not to make any public statements, and Katie Joy explained that he cut off contact.

However, she then said that someone in his family contacted her after getting upset at Amber's appearance on the Teen Mom OG reunion episode. The family member then offered to provide the unverified audio that shows Amber to be lying and abusive.

The source said that the backstory of the audio is that Andrew had woken Amber up to take her to some sort of appointment.

As a fair warning, the video contains expletives as well as violent and upsetting language. The audio starts at the five-minute mark.

Right from the beginning, the video begins in an upsetting way.

"I'm going to f*cking stab you," says a voice that sounds like Amber's.

After some brief fighting about security cameras located in the house, Andrew addresses her initial remark.

"For you to say 'I will kill you,' it's like really scary, okay?" he retorts.

"You are really dumb, okay?" Amber allegedly replies. "For like you to even say that is stupid and retarded and you're an idiot but I will."

amber portwood with andrew glennon
Getty Images | Alberto E. Rodriguez

The family member added that he or she found it disgusting that a man whom they claimed was a victim of domestic abuse was being so unfairly treated by the media.

One such person who could be accused of besmirching Andrew is Amber's brother, Shawn, who recently took to Twitter to defend his sister against Andrew's allegations.

In addition to calling Andrew's claims a smear campaign, he also said that Amber has been seeing a therapist multiple times a week to cope with her ongoing mental health issues. He also added that he has been spending lots of time with the Teen Mom OG star and has been doing his best to help her.

However, others have pointed out that Shawn has been accused in the past of enabling his sister.

It remains to be seen how Shawn, Amber, and the rest of the Teen Mom family react to this alleged audio leak.