Recom Group Shows Off Organic LED “Video Name Tag” At CES

Video and Picture Name Tags From Recom Group - CES 2010

First impressions can mean everything in the business world, unfortunately at shows such as CES, it can often be hard to stand out among the crowd if you’re not a Microsoft or Intel. Recom Group hopes to end the first impression rut by offering an Organic LED name tag which they showed off at CES 2010.

The unit, which measures only 3/8″ thick is about the size of a business card and attaches to the users clothing or via a lanyard around their neck.

Users enter in their name or message through the companies included computer software and sync that information with the device. Multiple messages can also be entered and video can be used, just click on the side button found on the gadget to change your presentation to any options you’ve created.

Also, according to Recom Group reps, because it runs on an Organic LED display it consumes even less power than traditional LEDs, allowing for 8 to 10 hours of use, enough to get most people through their day.