Andrew Yang Breaks Into Top Five In New Nationwide Poll

A new nationwide Hill-HarrisX poll of 454 registered Democrats and independents from between September 7 and 8 reveals that rising Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang broke into the top five with 5 percent support. The jump takes Yang to his highest position in the survey yet, just behind Kamala Harris's 7 percent support and in front of Pete Buttigieg, who is trailing behind him at 4 percent. As for the frontrunners, Joe Biden still leads with 27 percent support, Bernie Sanders is in second with 15 percent, and Elizabeth Warren is in third with 12 percent.

Mainstream media outlets appear to be having difficulty covering Yang — he was mistakenly called "John Yang" during a recent clip on MSNBC's The Beat with Ari Melber. Other repeated instances of exclusion have led his fans to suggest that the curious pattern is less a difficulty in covering him as it is a conscious effort to remove him from polls and kneecap his chances.

Regardless of his media troubles, Yang has been rising in the polls and gaining mainstream attention. A recent Emerson College poll pit the Democratic presidential candidates in hypothetical head-to-head surveys against Donald Trump and Yang fared the second-best, beating Trump 54-46 with an eight-point edge. The only other candidate that fared better was Biden, who defeated Trump 55-45 with a 10-point lead.

Given the polling discrepancy between Yang and Biden — Biden currently has 29.8 percent support across polls while Yang has 2.5 percent — the 44-year-old serial entrepreneur's top spot in terms of Trump face-offs is impressive. Yang has previously addressed his ability to draw former Trump voters, which he believes is the result of the focus of his campaign.
"I think that many people who voted for Donald Trump felt like the Democratic Party was not speaking to them and the problems they saw in their communities, and I am. So that's winning me a critical mass of Donald Trump supporters, which is, to me, crucial for the Democratic nominee. The whole point is to beat Donald Trump."
Per The Inquisitr, Yang is reportedly going to do "something no presidential candidate has ever done before in history" during Thursday's debate. Yang caught voter attention last debate with his well-received performance and closing statement in which he compared the debates to a reality TV show — a line that appears to be inspired by a supporter suggestion during a previous Reddit Ask Me Anything back in July. During the first debate, he drew attention thanks to his decision to opt-out of wearing a tie.