Chinese Woman Found Guilty Of Trespassing At Mar-A-Lago, Lying To Federal Officers

Yujing Zhang, the Chinese woman found to be trespassing at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, has been found guilty on two counts related to the security breach detected by the Secret Service.

CNN is reporting that Zhang served as her own lawyer, and was found guilty of "unlawfully entering a restricted building and making false statements to a federal officer." The trial lasted only two days, and she is facing six years behind bars. She will be sentenced in November.

Zhang was provided with assistance from the Federal Public Defenders office as well as a translator, but she still reportedly managed to frustrate the U.S. district judge in the case, saying that she "[doesn't] even know why I'm here today."

"I thought my case was canceled," she continued.

The prosecutor in the case, U.S. Attorney Ronaldo Garcia, laid out the case for the jury, stressing that Zhang was purposefully deceptive in order to gain access.

"She lied to everyone to get onto that property."
When she was discovered on the property and was questioned by Secret Service agents, Zhang was found in possession of Chinese passports and a flash drive containing malware. The suspect also reportedly had a signal detector, other electronic devices and thousands of dollars in cash in her hotel room. She had also been said to be corresponding with someone back in China about her plans.

Zhang was mostly quiet, sometimes appearing not to listen to the testimony. The only full statement she made was given in broken English rather than her native Mandarin.

"I did not lying, I followed the instruction. I went into the Mar-a-Lago to have a visit. So that's what I want to say, and thank you for your attention."
In April, when the incident occurred, The Inquisitr revealed that Zhang had arranged to attend an event advertised by massage parlor owner Cindy Yang, who offered clients and associates access to Donald Trump and his family for a fee.

When Zhang was approached by the Secret Service, she was allegedly argumentative and stated that she was at the Trump club for a United Nations event after being invited on social media by a man with the name "Charles."

Zhang told the agents she had traveled from Shanghai to attend the United Nations Friendship Event between China and the U.S. and hoped to speak with Donald Trump and members of his family about economic relations between the two nations.

Zhang has remained in federal custody since her arrest in April.