January Jones Silent On Possible Liam Hemsworth Affair

January Jones emotionless

Rumor has it, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have broken up and it’s all Mad Menactress January Jones’ fault. Jones herself will not comment on the matter, leaving the celebrity gossip mill to wonder whether the rumors of an affair between herself and the Hunger Games actor are true.

The rumor that Liam Hemsworth and January Jones had an affair, causing the former’s fiancee Miley Cyrus to dump him doesn’t have much of a leg to stand on aside from the fact that no one is talking about it. Cyrus tweeted the other day that she hadn’t called off her wedding, but that she needed a break from social media. Okay, odd.

Then, Cyrus was spotted out and about without her engagement ring, which really got fans of the couple worried.

TMZ tracked down Jones, the rumored “other woman,” and asked her about the scandal yesterday at LAX. In the videos, Jones refuses to talk to the paps and remains emotionless when asked if the rumors about her and Liam are true. Maybe Jones just doesn’t want to talk to the paparazzi and if we’re being honest, the story isn’t going to go away if Jones simply says “no.” In fact, the headline would probably be “January Jones says ‘no’ to cheating rumors, but can we believe her?”

Still, one wonders why she would remain so silent when all she has to say is “nothing happened.” Ignoring a scandal usually makes it go away, but is this what January Jones is counting on?

In her defense, Jones is an intensely private celebrity. She won’t reveal who the father of her baby is, she’s been mum regarding past relationships, and overall paints a very mysterious picture of herself to the media.

The best conclusion in the scandal comes from Crushable, where Jill O’Rourke writes:

“But the final and most likely explanation is that January Jones really is a robot. I’ve suspected it for a long time. The first clue was the Blade Runner hairdos she’s rocked recently on the red carpet. And then there’s the fact that every time she smiles it looks like someone is forcibly lifting the corners of her mouth. Plus there’s her general blahness. Sometimes when I see her I check for an access panel on the back of her neck.”


Until someone says something definitive, this is all we have to go on:

Then again, all three of these stars are suddenly making headlines again, and oh, hey! Doesn’t Liam Hemsworth have a movie coming out this year? Miley Cyrus has an album coming out soon, as well? I guess everybody wins, except January Jones, who may or may not be a robot.

January Jones