Justin Amash Blasts Republican Party, Urges Conservatives To 'Walk Away'

Independent Justin Amash, who frequently voices his criticism of Donald Trump and the current state of the Grand Old Party (GOP), took to Twitter Monday evening to again put the Republican Party on blast and urge conservatives to consider leaving it for "something new."

Amash believes that the traditional values of the GOP no longer exist under Trump's White House.

"The Republican Party is not a conservative party, and it's not going to be one anytime soon. Conservatives are providing critical votes to a party that actively opposes limited government and free markets. Walk away, start something new, and regain your voice."
In an op-ed for The Washington Post, in which Amash announced his departure from the GOP, the 39-year-old congressman spoke about what he believes is a "partisan death spiral" that has taken control of modern politics. He warned of the political mindset of toeing the party line above all else and "winning" at any cost, suggesting that congressional leaders in both the Democratic and Republican parties are more focused on acting in "obedience" or "opposition" to Trump.

According to Amash, political players are incentivized to stick with their "team" by leaders that use bill sponsorships, campaign resources, and endorsements, among other things, to keep them in line and maintain their grip on power.

Per The Inquisitr, sources close to Amash believe that he is weighing a run as a Libertarian Party presidential candidate. One source claims that he is waiting to see the support he was from within the party and his chances of securing a nomination. Another said that Amash is waiting to see if his former House colleague Mark Sanford runs as a Republican candidate against Trump — which Sanford recently announced he is indeed doing.

The Hill reported that Amash claims Sanford's run won't affect his decision to run as an independent in 2020.

"It has no bearing," Amash said. "I don't have any plans to get involved in the Republican primary."

Sanford himself has also stated that he believes there is room for both him and Amash to challenge Trump.

Amash has been open about his support for Sanford and praised his choice to challenge the Trump administration earlier this year.

"I know Mark. He's thoughtful, he's humble, he's learned from his mistakes and grown, and I think we really need a person like that in the White House," he said during an interview with CNN.

As of now, Sanford, Joe Walsh, and Bill Weld are the only three Republican challengers facing Trump.