Donald Trump's Approval Rating Takes A Dive Amid Recession Worries And Negative Headlines

A new poll that has just been released shows that President Donald Trump's approval rating has taken a serious dip over the past couple of months, now standing at one of the lowest levels since he took office. The president and his team have been battling negative headlines at what seems to be a higher intensity than usual in the past week or two and it looks as if those headlines may be taking a toll on his support levels.

The Washington Post shared the details from the latest poll on Tuesday morning. The new Trump approval rating numbers come from a Washington Post-ABC News poll that was conducted from September 2 through 5. The new polling puts the president at a 38 percent net approval and 56 percent net disapproval.

In comparison, the last numbers from this same poll were released on July 1. That set of statistics had Trump at a 44 percent net approval and 53 percent net disapproval. In terms of the strongly approve category, Trump dropped five points between the two polls.

As ABC News notes, the 44 percent approval rating from July represented a career-high for Trump. The average approval rating for this president continues to be the lowest at this point of his term for any president in modern history. He also is reportedly the first president to never hit at least 50 percent approval.

This latest poll signaled that Americans are worried about a recession, particularly due to the ongoing trade war with China. In fact, six out of 10 people polled believe that it's likely the country will see a recession hit within the next year.

The Inquisitr recently noted that Trump's approval ratings were already seen to be slipping in recent weeks. The president's highest approval came in March of 2017 when he hit 43 percent after just a couple of months in office. It has shifted up and down within a few percentage points since then but currently looks to be noticeably slipping.

The site FiveThirtyEight tracks all of the polling and maintains an overall average. It doesn't look as if they've incorporated this new set of numbers yet, but other sets of data added already show a downward trend.

President Trump is known for touting that he has led the country to a fantastic economy and he says that he has accomplished more than any other president. It would seem that this latest set of polling data that shows Trump's approval rating dipping signals that a majority of Americans don't necessarily agree.