September 9, 2019
Bernie Sanders Gets Twitter Birthday Wishes From Fellow Outsider Democratic Presidential Candidates

Politics doesn't exactly inspire friendliness between competition, but apparently Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' birthday was a different story. On Sunday, Sanders' 78th birthday, he received well-wishes on Twitter from some of his fellow Democratic candidates.

"Happy Birthday to Bernie Sanders! He has moved our country in the right direction and he's not done yet," tweeted Andrew Yang.

"Sending well wishes and a happy birthday to my friend @berniesanders!" tweeted Tulsi Gabbard.

"Happy birthday to @SenSanders, whose inspiration and example are one of the great lights of our time. Here's to his health and happiness and best year yet," tweeted Marianne Williamson.

As author and Sanders activist Stephanie Quilao pointed out on Twitter, all three candidates that offered Sanders birthday wishes are considered to be outsider candidates just as Sanders, despite being in the top three in the polls. She referenced The Hill host Krystal Ball's segment in which Ball addressed the purported unfair media treatment of Sanders, Yang, Gabbard, and Williamson, and the fact that they all "aren't in the club" and "defy the rules."

"Without fail, every candidate who has come from outside the establishment or has dared to question the Dem establishment has been smeared, dismissed, or ignored by the media," she said.

Ball highlights that Sanders, Yang, Gabbard, and Williamson are all candidates that don't fit into the box that mainstream outlets likely want them to fit in. She claims Yang is expected to develop technology instead of lead the revolution against it, while adds that Williamson mixes spirituality with politics — a combination she suggests isn't acceptable on the left, despite religion being weaponized on the right.

Per The Inquisitr, Sanders' campaign recently battled against the recent Washington Post piece that gave him a failed fact check despite his accurate statement. Sanders' speechwriter David Sirota revealed a letter his campaign sent to the publication demanding that the article be retracted.

"The overall premise of the piece is absurd," the letter states before highlighting that Sanders accurately cited a peer-reviewed journal editorial in the American Journal of Public Health.

The letter also points out that the fact-checker confirmed that the author of the editorial, David Himmelstein, said the Vermont Senator had accurately cited his work.

In the past, The Washington Post ran 16 negative stories against Sanders in 16 hours. In addition, New York Times reporter Sydney Ember has written many negative stories on the Democratic candidate while citing corporate lobbyists as a reference without disclosing their agendas against Sanders.