CIA Pulled Top Spy Out Of Russia, Fearing Donald Trump Would Blow Spy’s Cover, ‘CNN’ Reports, CIA Denies Story

Chris McGrathGetty Images

The United States Central Intelligence Agency was reportedly worried in 2017 that President Donald Trump would spill the intelligence agency’s most sensitive secrets to Russia. In a purported special covert operation, the agency extracted one of its top spies from Russia, fearing that Trump would blow the spy’s cover. That stunning revelation was contained in an exclusive report published Monday morning by CNN.

The secret CIA mission to get the top spy out of Russia came shortly after Trump’s surprise Oval Office meeting with two high-ranking Russian government officials — Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and then-ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak — on May 10, 2017. The meeting took place the day after Trump fired Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey, apparently due to Comey’s refusal to call off an FBI investigation into Trump’s Russia connections.

At the meeting with the two Russian officials, Trump not only boasted about firing Comey, he supposedly revealed highly classified intelligence secrets regarding operations against the terror group ISIS in Syria, as CNN reported at the time. The intelligence revealed by Trump had been obtained from Israeli intelligence sources, CNN reported.

The CIA, through Public Affairs Director Brittany Bramell, appeared to deny the story to CNN.

“Misguided speculation that the President’s handling of our nation’s most sensitive intelligence — which he has access to each and every day — drove an alleged exfiltration operation is inaccurate.”

Questions about Trump’s ties to Russia recur with frequency. Most recently, as The Inquisitr reported, Trump spent much of his time with other world leaders at the G7 summit last month pushing for Russia’s reinstatement into the group after the country was expelled in 2014 for invading and annexing Crimea.

Experts reportedly characterized Trump’s seemingly inexplicable advocacy for Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G7 as part of a “quid pro quo” for Russian help in enabling Trump to win the White House in the 2016 election — an operation detailed in the report issued by special counsel Robert Mueller in March.

CNN also sought a response to the alleged “exfiltration” of the top spy from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, but received no comment.

Trump administration Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, however, called the CNN story “inaccurate” and claimed without explanation that the reporting “has the potential to put lives in danger.”

Within minutes of the CNN report, seen in the video above, hitting the airwaves, Trump unleashed a new tirade against the network via his Twitter account, calling the network “bad for the USA” and claiming that the network’s international news operation “spews bad information & Fake News all over the globe.”