Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Says Media Agenda Is To 'Erase' Andrew Yang

Tyler MacDonald

Yesterday, Andrew Yang's supporters pushed the "TrumpFearsYang" hashtag amidst his appearance at the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention, as The Inquisitr reported. Although Donald Trump has yet to address Yang's candidacy, Trump's campaign manager, Brad Parscale, did speak of it on Twitter and appeared to support the idea that Yang's recent exclusions from mainstream media outlets are demonstrating a questionable pattern.

In particular, Parscale referenced an NBC debate promotion that left Yang off and a CNN graphic that excluded the 44-year-old entrepreneur in favor of Beto O'Rourke, who is behind him in the polls. While both of the omissions have since been corrected, they were enough to cause many to raise their eyebrows.

"So now many on the left agree with us, the media has an agenda and is not about the news. Incredible watching the media just ERASE Yang (@ 3%). I love how MSNBC says 10 names, but just puts 9 on screen."

Scott Santens, an advocate of universal basic income (UBI) and supporter of Yang's campaign, compiled a Twitter thread of all the times Yang has been excluded from charts and cable segments. The recent exclusions have prompted Santens and the rest of Yang's supporters — the Yang Gang — to push the "YangMediaBlackout" hashtag to protest his treatment.

"In aggregate it looks way too weird to be an accident," Santens said to Dominic Rushe for a piece with The Guardian.

"It's wild, during this run, I feel like I've now seen kernels of truth in a lot of Trump-isms honestly. Where he's like 'Fake news!' and then you're like 'Oh come on, Trump.' And then you look into it and be like 'Well, there is something there.'"